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  1. KiwiNomad06

    Should I get a smaller pack?

    I used exactly that pack on both my Caminos. It was very comfortable and I loved it. You don't have to fill it up- and in my case, because I was doing other travel as well as the Camino- it gave me room for extra stuff when I wanted to carry more. Margaret
  2. KiwiNomad06

    Freaking out about pack weights

    Not everyone weighs and measures everything- I didn't. When you are on the Camino you will see people with all sorts of packs and sizes of packs, just like you will see infinite variety in types of footwear and socks. The amount/kind of clothing you need depends on what season you walk in, and...
  3. KiwiNomad06

    Aarn pack - advice from other owners

    The internal dry sack is good for heavy rain in the mountains in New Zealand. I know Galicia has a reputation for lots of rain, but I've never seen it as wet there as I've struck sometimes here at home. I think the internal dry sack will keep everything inside very dry. Margaret
  4. KiwiNomad06

    Over Organized Woman's Packing List!

    lol I thought I was pretty well organised, laying things out on the spare bed weeks before it was time to leave. But I had nothing on this! What you may well find though is that there are things here you decide you really don't need once you are walking, and maybe some other things that you...
  5. KiwiNomad06

    Should I buy these socks?

    I wore Bridgedale and loved them- I'm a fan. And I have a broad foot, but found that women's socks were ok for me. I actually wore a light summer-weight ankle sock, and under that wore a liner. I had two pairs of socks and two pairs of liners. Margaret
  6. KiwiNomad06

    Best "literage" for my ruck sac?

    Depends a bit on the season you are walking in. Also, if you are from further afield and are storing things for another of your journey in Europe, you need to consider that. Margaret
  7. KiwiNomad06

    Photo transfers to Flickr using wifi

    Usually I find that free wifi speeds in cafes etc are quite slow. Not sure that I would be wanting to rely on it for uploading many photos. Margaret
  8. KiwiNomad06

    Downsides of Sandals

    Actually, I have had my feet stared at when I have worn sandals with no socks. A German person explained to me that Germans always do wear sandals with socks and think we are very odd to not wear socks! Margaret
  9. KiwiNomad06

    Downsides of Sandals

    I wouldn't feel comfortable without a walking shoe, but a French friend walked all the time in sandals- just washed the muddy socks if they got wet. He'd walked all the way from Dijon so he knew what suited him, though I couldn't imagine walking like that. Like most things, seems to be personal...
  10. KiwiNomad06

    Tablets with built-in GPS function

    oooops problem with my reply being buried in the quote... What I wanted to reply was: Thanks jhpdx, that's very helpful and informative. Mendi btw- there aren't yellow arrows on the GR65- or if there are- sometimes they are for local regional trails. It's red and white bars you look for on the...
  11. KiwiNomad06

    Tablets with built-in GPS function

    Thanks jhpdx, that's very helpful and informative. Mendi btw- there aren't yellow arrows on the GR65- or if there are- sometimes they are for local regional trails. It's red and white bars you look for on the GR 65. Margaret
  12. KiwiNomad06

    A woman with a mans's backpack?

    I have a women's pack and love the way it fits me like a glove, but when I first tried it on, it felt odd. You need to fill the base of the pack with some weight to find out how it sits on you- and in a shop with trained sales staff, you should be able to get some assistance to work out what you...
  13. KiwiNomad06

    Liner Socks

    Deborah, when people talk of a 'hot spot' they generally mean that slightly sore feeling you get just before you get a blister. If you can stop then and apply elastoplast of some kind over the reddened area, you can usually avoid getting a blister. However, blisters sometimes come when you are...
  14. KiwiNomad06

    Liner Socks

    Many French people use a product called (Ki) Nok- and it would be easy enough to get a tube of this from a pharmacy in SJPP. I started using it after I got some blisters on hard tarmac and a Frenchman told me about it. I checked later, and basically it seems like it's a formulation of shea...
  15. KiwiNomad06

    Mobile network/signal?

    I used Orange walking on the Cluny route, which has some pretty remote places, and I had excellent coverage. There were a few times when I was in historic buildings with thick walls that I couldn't call, but otherwise I had coverage all the time. Margaret
  16. KiwiNomad06

    Liner Socks

    I am another one in be coolmax liner + woollen sock camp! But we each find what suits us. Many of the French use a cream on their feet called (ki)Nok, and I think it must be similar to Body Glide. When I looked it up on the Internet, it seemed like it was basically a formulation of Shea butter...
  17. KiwiNomad06


    Me too. Love them. Had no problems with them at all. Margaret
  18. KiwiNomad06

    polyprop or merino?

    I took a cheap pair of polyprops. If it looked like it was going to be cold for a while I wore them under my shorts Kiwi-style. But if the cold seemed 'temporary' I didn't care that I looked a bit ridiculous and wore them outside my shorts, and then it was easier to take them off if the day...
  19. KiwiNomad06

    Keen McKenzie

    Must check these. I love the look of the Keens and their wide toebox- I have a long foot with wide toes. But the Keen shoes I have tried always have the instep part in the wrong place for me, even when there is a women's size available that is long enough! Margaret
  20. KiwiNomad06

    Backpack concern

    Have you been trying on the packs with a load in them, in a shop where there is an assistant to help you adjust all the straps to fit you? I have a Deuter women-specific pack and found it fitted me like a glove once I had adjusted it. But all our bodies/backs are different shapes. Margaret

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