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  1. lt56ny

    Some questions about stages, distances and etc. on VDLP

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking seriously of walking the VDLP starting late October/early November of 2019 or late February/early March 2020. Want to avoid the extreme heats. I get the impression that these times have more people walking. That would be nice to see people in the evenings. I like...
  2. lt56ny

    What is a Pilgrim/What is a Pilgrimage?

    These definitions are from the Cambridge Dictionary. When I went to get my Certificate to teach English as a Second Language, Cambridge University and their dictionary was referred to as the "keeper of the English Language" PILGRIM - a person who travels to a holy place as a religious act...
  3. lt56ny

    Other Pilgrims in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Hi all, I live in Puerto Vallarta and I just finished another Camino, The Norte a few weeks ago. As, I think all of us who have walked know, you really need to talk to another pilgrim about your experience and feelings during and after a camino. Any Peregrinos in Puerto Vallarta. My Spanish is...
  4. lt56ny

    How crowded is it.

    Hi pilgrims on the Frances. I am walking the Norte now. When I get home I will be giving a little presentation to a few people I know who will walk part of one Camino next September. This is my 4th Camino. This one has replaced Le Puy as the hardest bit it is beautiful. I have met 3 people...
  5. lt56ny

    Detour in Deba

    Walked through Deba today. The bridge leaving Deba is out. Looks like it will be out for a long time. You now have to walk in the opposite direction to get to a bridge to cross. It will add 2k to your day. I don’t know if this was posted before or not.
  6. lt56ny

    Buying equipment in San Sebastian

    Hi fellow Pilgrims of the Norte! I am arriving in San Sebastian on September 15th. I was planning to bring my backpack on the plane and put my hiking poles and my Swiss Army Knife in a box and checking it. Now I can't find my hiking poles. I have torn my house inside and out and I think they...
  7. lt56ny

    Pilgrim House and other places of Pilgrim Refuge

    Hi All, I will arrive in Santiago sometime near the end of October after the Camino del Norte. This will be the completion of Camino #4. I really like being in Santiago for only one reason and that is to see friends I have met and say goodbye for the moment. But it seems like it is getting more...
  8. lt56ny

    Communal Meals on Norte

    I will be walking from Irún to Santiago starting out from Irún on September 17th. I just noticed another new thread about Communal meals on CF. These meals I am sure everyone would agree can give us some our best moments and memories. Any suggestions of Albergues and Donativos that have given...
  9. lt56ny

    Distance differences Gronze website/Wise Pilgrim Camino Norte

    Hi all. I have been comparing the maps and distances on Gronze and Wise Pilgrim. Gronze has the basic maps with towns and distances. Wise Pilgrim gives you distances from one town to next in the book next to the names of the towns. There seems to be many discrepancies in distances. Sometimes...
  10. lt56ny

    Question about the first night after Irun

    Hi, I am almost embarrassed to ask this question after 3 caminos and almost 3,500kms of walking but (new Pilgrims should take heart in this. I still get nervous before each Camino) here goes. I am 64 and know that the route out of Irun is tough but definately doable. I can't wait to start, I...
  11. lt56ny

    Norte advice

    Just booked my flight for September 14. Figure at the latest I will start the 17th from Irún. Camino number 4. I am 64. Would like to go without poles. Are they really necessary? Is the first day out tougher than the walk up to Orisson on Camino Francis. I know there is a lot of up and down the...
  12. lt56ny

    Travel to Irún

    Hi all. Tried to find this information but didn’t see it. I will do The Norte hopefully this September. Looking at flights to Madrid and Barcelona. They seem to be about the same distance. Is there a train or bus I could take from either airport that can get me to Irún or San Sebastián without...
  13. lt56ny

    Low Cost Camino Norte Please Help

    I hope I can walk the Norte this September (it may be 2019 also but I am hoping) I have walked 3 other camino so I have experience. I try to stay in monasteries, donativos., and municipal albergues whenever possible. Whenever possible I will shop the night before to make sandwiches and have...
  14. lt56ny

    Please read very important question

    Hello fellow Peregrinos, I would like to get advise for an important question I have. Let me first say I am an experienced Peregrino with 2 caminos walked, the first from SJPP to Finisterre and from about the second about 1/2 of the Le Puy Camino to Santiago. I will be walkign with a very good...

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