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  1. Dawn Gibson

    Cats on the Camino: Strays or Pets? Etiquette for Feeding Them

    I am a cat person! 😁 and a vet nurse and have volunteered in countries doing trap, neuter, return of street/feral cats. In the Camino Frances I carried pouches of cat food and gave them to cats who needed feeding. A neutered feral should have the top of his or her left ear cut off, or 'tipped'...
  2. Dawn Gibson

    Stuck in Spain

    You could check out workaway. 😊 https://www.workaway.info/en/hostlist/europe/es
  3. Dawn Gibson

    Music from The Way

    My most played CD (yes, I still have a CD player!) It transports me to beautiful places 💚
  4. Dawn Gibson

    Weight Loss

    I was 1.5 stone overweight so I lost half a stone before I left, mostly through training walks. Then lost another stone on the CdS. Ate plenty (I am vegan so didn't get drawn into a lot of fatty foods anyway!). Never felt so good. Good for my joints too!
  5. Dawn Gibson

    If you had only one word ...

    Empowering. Probably sounds weird, I know! But, a couple of times, I did not think I would be able to finish it. 799km is a long way!! But I did and it has empowered me to do other things with my life because nothing yet has both scared and uplifted me as much as the Camino de Santiago did this...
  6. Dawn Gibson

    Vegan on the Camino!

    MASSIVE thanks to everyone. My partner and I are vegan and starting the Camino from SJPDP on 22nd April. Your posts have really helped us feel more relaxed about it all. We were happy to live off veggies, fruit and beans, but it sounds like it will be more exciting than that! thank-you sooooo...
  7. Dawn Gibson

    Bug bites

    Hi guys. Warning - if you have cats when you are spraying your gear with permethrin at home, make sure the cats are out of the room / away from the sprayed gear. It is highly poisonous to cats and can be fatal. Check out https://icatcare.org/permethrin for more info (in various languages).

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