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    Camino de la Vera Cruz

    I am wondering if anyone has any information re this route. My friend has read of a route from Puenta la Reina de Navarra to Caravaca. She would like to cycle it. Is there a guide? Don't suppose there are many, if any, Albergues. Gracias.
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    Slán (Goodbye) - Camino Aragonés

    GOODBYE ALL I am off in the morning. Should arrive at Somport, via Pau, on Tuesday. I have made arrangements to try to meet a few forum 'friends' who will also be walking. Please look out for me. I may be sitting down at an obstacle waiting for somebody to come along. Thanks Ivor...
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    Hello everybody, That book by Linda Davdison's book "The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago" that Sil recommends sounds interesting. Too late for me to read before I go today at 2 in afternoon. Will be at Somport sometime on Tues. all going well. Am interested in Puerto del Palo too. Check out...
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    Health Food Stores

    Hi everyone, I seem to remember a Health Food Store in Jaca, near the Cathedral on the square. Don't know if it is still there but I would hazard a guess it is. I too am interested for things like nuts and dried fruit - a light, nurishing snack type food for El Camino. I always miss my...
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    last minute questions about Roncevalles!

    Hola fiddletree, Looks like we will be starting much the same time,but me on 25th in Somport. Are you coming from Galway? I am leaving Mayo for two months or so. Buen Camino and maybe we'll meet. I hope to be in Puenta la Reina, Navarra about 4th May. We'll see. Un saludo, Eleanor
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    Age & Fitness

    And PEI-les, That 82 year old! GREAT - never say CAN'T. You remind me of myself starting University at age 58. Thought I'd only last a week, then got to Christmas, then passed 1st-year exams and finally aged 60 I graduated with a double first class honours in Spanish and Irish Studies...
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    Age & Fitness

    Hi Howie, I am 62,grandmother of five, survor of a braintumour op. but left with some physical disabilities which will affect my Camino - balance being the main one. But though I 'feel the fear, and do it anway'(as the motto on the T-shirt my surfing son-in-law gave me says), I'm off Monday...
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    More weather damage

    Hola vitaminporter, Yes, I hope to be at Somport on 25th April. As I will be slow and will be visiting family for a night or two near Jaca I am sure you will pass me out somewhere. Look out for me. I love ALTO ARAGON. Hasta muy pronto, Pity about the stepping stones though I doubt I would...
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    Spring landscape in EL CAMINO

    Almond Trees in Aragón Hola, Can anybody tell me the stage of the almond blossom in Alto Aragón? I am told the ancient stepping stones (three tier) near Castiello de Jaca have been washed away. What a loss. Wonder how old they were? Gracias, Eleanor
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    New Book for May release

    Thanks Sil for the interesting review. Sounds like a book to enjoy reading. For when I get home! Eleanor
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    may babies unite!

    Eleanor again, How did that happen. The 'quote' was what I wanted to say. I obviously have a lot to learn yet. Eleanor
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    may babies unite!

    Hola everybody,Jerome says:"(the albuerges in between are already full), "
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    Spring landscape in EL CAMINO

    Hi Javier, Looks good after the one of the pilgrim in the snow a few days ago in Roncesvalles. What way are the almond trees in Aragón? Would like to see them in blossom. I'm always there in late summer. Greetings from Mayo. We are having a heat wave! Eleanor
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    How will you handle this?

    Hi xm, You again with your useful advice. Its hard for us knewcomers not to worry. I've just heard of sombody bringing gaters now that they have heard of the mud. I've no room for anything else. Buen Camino Jerome. When are you going. I leave from Somport on 23rd. Un saludo, Eleanor
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    Dios bendiga esta camino

    Hola de nuevo XM, Thanks for all your advice and kind words. I see you too have come upon José Marie Maldonado's song. I just love it and now have it stored on my computer to play regularly. Also, I did download that short video with dificulty, as I don't have broadband yet. It took me ages...
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    Seasonal photos of the camino

    Hi everybody, Have had a quick look at some of the photos. Great idea. Photos say so much. Sil's photos of paths interesting and very informative for me, a pilgrim who has a mobility problem. Hope it will be possible. The seasonal photo category will be even more useful when it fills up...
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    Dios bendiga esta camino

    Hola xm, Thanks for your thoughts. I am desperately trying to reduce my 10kilo pack. How? I have been interested in the Camino ever since ,in 1970, I married my Spanish husband who was reared in a small village near Jaca, on the Camino Aragonés. I have travelled around that area on my few...
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    Gracias y adios

    Bye Richard y Buen Camino. I know the feeling of taking all the advice and being thankful for it but in the end having to make one's own decisions. My pack too seems to be overweight at 10 kilos including l litre of water but no food but I have to decide. Everything seems essential and yet...
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    Lost pilgrim interview

    ?Yes xm, A salutary tale which is a lesson to us all! For myself, I know I would be thinking twice of walking El Camino without a cell phone as I am vunerable walking on my own seeing that I am somewhat disabled. I am "feeling the fear but doing it anyway"!. Will be arriving at Somport on 23rd...

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