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  1. OzAnnie

    Maybe a rude question! How old are you?

    Hi @Thornley This poll is a bit like watching the Melbourne cup 🐎🐎🐎. (over a longer duration !) I keep checking to see who is winning. 🤣🤣🤣 We were doing well at the beginning , but the 60’s group has pulled ahead strongly now. .
  2. OzAnnie

    Madrid City Walks

    Pics of the changes around Atocha train station. (Mentioned above but I couldn’t fit the extra pics there. ). Also shows the airport bus stop at Atocha - bus 203 ; and last night a little wander around SOL after the rain abated … right beside my accommodation a few doors down from Puerta del...
  3. OzAnnie

    Madrid City Walks

    …..take #3…. Tuesday 9th. I fly out late tonight - so I’m in your situation. How I love Madrid. The sun is out - a beautiful day. So much to absorb. I’ve ambled all over today. I checked out exactly where the airport bus stop was at Atocha. A note for anyone arriving or departing...
  4. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino Walking the CF for Teresa

    I’ll bet you amazed yourself. I’ve often ‘been there’ and thought ‘ how can I walk a stage tomorrow without any sleep ?’ But I somehow find the energy next day. I think the fact that we are ‘resting’ our bodies works the magic. I agree with @J Willhaus though… it’s lovely to have a private...
  5. OzAnnie

    Madrid City Walks

    …..take #2….. I went out without rain jacket and 10 minutes later the clouds and wind arrived 🙁 and a little rain. I decided that it might not be as pleasant as usual so headed indoors. …. So…. Have your plan B or C 😀.
  6. OzAnnie

    Madrid City Walks

    I’m back in Madrid right now Jill Just enjoyed a menu Del dia at El gaucho. (2 doors down from my accommodation at Puerta del Sol ). Now I’m heading off the enjoy a lovely saunter in el parque de retiro. I’ve been there many times but it’s so relaxing…. I understand at the end of your...
  7. OzAnnie

    What do you wash your clothes with

    Yes Chrissy I usually bring both too. Often end up having to empty my travel size shampoo and conditioner before leaving Spain., because when in accommodation that provides it - I use it. Admittedly this time … I’ve messed up with flitting about trying to find drier trails with less mud and...
  8. OzAnnie

    Camino Frances April 2024 advice

    Hi Alex Check your booking. I fly home to oz on Tuesday. I thought the date was 9 April.
  9. OzAnnie

    What do you wash your clothes with

    Hi Jenny. In your pic - Is the tiny pile Steve’s and the yellow bag full all yours. 🤣
  10. OzAnnie

    What do you wash your clothes with

    Although I’m happy to use normal soap for washing clothes; after multi caminos , I still haven’t tried using same to wash my hair. I really will have to test it at home one day 🤪🤣
  11. OzAnnie

    Maybe a rude question! How old are you?

    Similar thought about responders. I rarely respond to polls but this one is pretty harmless.
  12. OzAnnie

    Bikini or not bikini, right now, Frances route

    A bikini is i would think 🤔 very lightweight ?? and takes no space. Leave it in ..
  13. OzAnnie

    Disappointing Experience at Hospedería San Martín Pinario

    Of course I know it’s you. I just wanted you to identify yourself. Many people don’t like being tagged. (Me for one ). Buen camino for your current camino primitivo too.
  14. OzAnnie

    RIP @annakappa

    Very sad to hear. Rest in peace Anna - you will be remembered
  15. OzAnnie

    Camino Catalán from Montserrat through Huesca

    Good luck Annie . Que será será.
  16. OzAnnie

    Camino Vasco

    Hi Andy You must have missed the other ‘Vasco’ thread started earlier today by @steve cole A link below to his thread. Steve does a lot of caminos and walking in general ., so I’m sure you’ll see feedback there. Plus of course ., you’ll get responses to your (this) posts with insights of...
  17. OzAnnie

    Tomorrow is the day! Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have walked many caminos since 2012 and never treated my gear. I’ve never had a bed bug. Don’t expect to find them yourself. You’d have to be very unlucky. Buen camino
  18. OzAnnie

    Just started El Camino Vasco del Interior.

    Hi Steve, I’ll be watching your progress. Both times I planned to walk this route ., I talked myself out of it. Most recent plan for late March and first week of April., but because of the ‘rain in Spain ‘ 🤣. I gave up and became a tourist across to Valencia and now Cuenca. Heading home in...
  19. OzAnnie

    Trains from Madrid Chamartin to Zamora help

    Just for info - mentioned above a few times already - there is a lot of work in progress at Chamartín. Constantly changing. So it’s not you if you’re confused - just ask for help. You can get there by metro or cercanías. I catch the cercanías from SOL where i stay - it is much more simple...
  20. OzAnnie

    Disappointing Experience at Hospedería San Martín Pinario

    A pic from late October 2023. As usual in pics my eyes are closed … Lucifer is standing beside me. In front are my 3 raucous Irish friends. I won’t name two others tho (privacy ). Peregrino behind and happy peregrina wearing glasses …. Both of the un named are forum members. 🤗❤️ Note /...

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