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  1. Beverley

    Buffs Camino design

    Wow, the site is so different now please send info on how I PM you:confused:, you can PM me this assistance if you like
  2. Beverley

    Buffs Camino design

    Dear LT and all other Buff lovers. I am so humbled that my Buff design is once again creating a great deal of interest among my Brother and Sister Pilgrims around the world. Who knew. LT I congratulate you on getting through to Buff, I gave up. When I was mailing them, I asked the buyer if...
  3. Beverley

    Buffs Camino design

    Dearest Pilgrims.. It is with a sad heart that I must say that I have shipped my last Camino desig Buff. I believe there are 249 out there and I have one, making 250 buffs designed by me with love of the Camino in my heart. I have received so much joy by filling orders and reading happy...
  4. Beverley

    Buffs Camino design

    Lana, Hi, you are in luck for a Buff, I have 5 left. Youcan contact me directly with your full name and address at cosmocavan@gmail.com After I send it I will let you know the postage and you can pay via paypal if that works for you. Cheers and Happy New Year Beverley
  5. Beverley

    Scattered comments on Santiago-Muxia-Fisterre

    Laurie, thanks for posting this. I am going to walk from Santi to Fin this year after I do a week or so from Pamplona with friends. This will be my 4th Camino so I guess it is time to do the last leg. All the best Bev
  6. Beverley

    My book: Planning Your Camino Preparing the Way

    Everything you need to know about getting ready for your camino is in this little book. It is available from Amazon both hard and e-copy. You can also send me a PM and I can send you once cheaper than Amazon will because I wrote it! :lol:
  7. Beverley

    Two week trip, any suggestions

    Hi Mo welcome to the forum. An absolutely wonderful 2 week walk is from Porto in Portugal to Santiago. There is only one hill, 400m, and the walk is lovely. I walked it alone 2 years ago. Of course you could walk from Leon to Santiago too, that is a 2 week walk also. That one is more...
  8. Beverley

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Hi, my blog is old as I walked the Camino Frances in 2009, but then Portugal 2010 and then Del Norte 2011. I haven't added anything since October but for what it is worth http://www.planningyourcamino.blogspot.com
  9. Beverley

    The Movie `The Way`Martin Sheen

  10. Beverley

    Albergue in St.Jean Pied de Port / in 30 days to Santiago

    HELLO Sallysue. I can't help with the accomodation in SJDP but if you google hotels in the city at least you might be able to get one of those if the Albergue is not open. With to regards to your 30 days, I hope you have a map to follow. If not go to http://www.eroski.com It is a website for...
  11. Beverley

    Forum Introduction

    Its been a while since I connected. Congrats on the new server. Planning to walk in France this year. My planning begins.
  12. Beverley

    Planning Your Camino by Beverley Robson

    Hi all, my book is designed to inform the "first-time" pligrim of all that is needed to plan for the first Camino. I have sold over 200 in the Toronto area and have had great feedback. You can pm me if you want a copy sent to you or it is available on Amazon both hard copy and electronic e-book.
  13. Beverley

    Mental Health Issues

    Hey Pris Ijust viewed the video, thanks for posting it. I did my third Camino this year alone, Del Norte , and realized how different walking alone is. I loved meeting the wonderful people I met and I truly felt the message of the Camino through solitude. The lovely message on the video...
  14. Beverley

    Bedbug Update

    The mosquitos in spain are different species than those here in north america. I hate the llittle buggers here and while they are not as numerous on the Caminos (I experienced none on the Frances, some on the Portuguese and some on the Del Norte), I hated them even more over there. Our bodies...
  15. Beverley

    Jack Russell where are you

    Hey, how was the rest of your trip? I have a great photo of you and your side-kick that I took from the alburgue window. PM me and I will send it to you. It is not easy being back, I long from the peace and quiet of the trails! Cheers Bev
  16. Beverley

    Bedbug Update

    Hi I am coming into this discussion late but I want to say that if it has not already been suggested that lavender oil is supposed to work on keeping the bugs off. I just got back from Del Norte 3 weeks ago and found no bugs. I did experience them in Barcelona however. I took a small bottle...
  17. Beverley

    Am I crazy or does this happen to all peregrinos?

    Newf, not fair! I want to say that being flashed is a joke! It is not something to be concerned about, as flashers are just that. Being flashed for the first time is indeed somthing that is shocking but waking up at night screaming! I don't think so. I have a plan for bedbugs, take your...
  18. Beverley

    Blankets provided in Albergues and/ or Polideportivo.

    Thanks for the quick reply and with just what I wanted to hear :)
  19. Beverley

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    Markss, your post is informative and funny :!: I can't believe you carried all that stuff :lol:
  20. Beverley

    Blankets provided in Albergues and/ or Polideportivo.

    Oh dear, I wil be in Irun on July 17 after 3 days in Barcelona :D I will be walking for just over 3 weeks. I was not planning to drag that darned sleeping bag with me just a liner and long underwear for sleeping. Anybody else have experience to share regarding the del Norte weather and...

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