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  1. J

    Comment by 'jpcnd78' in media 'Molinaseca'

    That bar on the left was a God send after a long day
  2. J

    Best route into Burgos

    I second the river. I walked last August. Walk around airport and into the city was …ugh
  3. J

    Sun Sleeves?

    Yes. Last August - September. Worked well. Took off in the evening and if it was a cool morning Will use again this year. Porto to Santiago. July
  4. J

    Lisbon to Fatima

    Thank you very much. Just visiting. Then will go to Porto. Bus ? Train ?
  5. J

    Lisbon to Fatima

    Looking for suggestions How do I get to Fatima from Lisbon Airport. Thanks
  6. J

    Sandals vs. flip flops.

    I brought both. Keens used every day. Flip flops once in 40 days. Hoka’s for the day walk. Keens on the one day it was really raining as I did not want to get the Hoka’s drenched
  7. J

    We made our first reservation for our Camino

    Good decision.
  8. J

    Ride share Looking for Taxi Sharing from Biarritz Airport to St. Jean Pied de Port (12/04/2024)

    If you can’t find anyone to share. Alternative. Take bus to Bayonne. Bus stop to the left when u get to Biarritz. Forget it’s either #3 or 4. Train to St Jean. Nice ride thru the country side.
  9. J

    Luggage transfer

    Are there similar services along the Coastal as there are on the Frances ? Jacotrans. NCS ? Thanks very much.
  10. J

    hotel in St Jean Pied de Port

    Central Hotel. Very good a bit pricey but very nice
  11. J

    Luggage transport (porter) options along Camino Frances (Sarria onwards)

    Absolutely. When u get close to your destination. Find my Air Tag took us right to our place. Oh and Air France left my bag in Paris. Air Tag was a god send. Got my bag as I showed the lady at jfk that my bag was still in Paris. A week late but got it.
  12. J

    Luggage transport (porter) options along Camino Frances (Sarria onwards)

    Used this one almost exclusively as Jacotrans did not reply to my WhatsApp request. Great service ..
  13. J

    Getting from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

    Just. Did that trip last week. Train station is a 10-15 minute walk thru town. Book as soon as you can. Early afternoon was sold out so I had to take 7:30 train. Got into Madrid 11:00. Plenty of taxis at Madrid airport
  14. J

    Wise Pilgrim app

    Best App. Using it daily. In Fromista now. Map and distance and profile.
  15. J

    Packing for Aug - Sept

    @BrenWain - It’s Beth and Jim I think we were in St Jean. Together. How is your Camino going. ? We are today ,Wednesday, in Los Acros
  16. J

    Options to get from Biarritz to SJDP

    Did it last week. Bus #4. To Bayonne. Then train to St Jean
  17. IMG_2058.jpeg


    Pretty much sums it all up
  18. J

    Carry on Air France

    FYI. Left JFK. It was about 3-4” taller. But they let me slide.
  19. J

    Carry on Air France

    Talon 36 L
  20. J

    Carry on Air France

    Thank you. It measures longer than what Web Site says so I was concerned. Can’t imagine it would be allowed

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