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  1. Pelgrimpaul

    Thin Places

    Interesting thought, it’s not only that pilgrims take experience from the camino (gathering while dwelling), we’re leaving experience on/to it! Perhaps the thin place is also that it provides opportunity and potential for getting in touch with self. If ‘open’ serendipity provides magic!
  2. Pelgrimpaul

    When is a pilgrim not a pilgrim

    Some thoughts - if people want to obtain a compostela, just follow the rules of the organisation providing them. - people follow their own rules about their camino. - it's usual practice on Shikoku (Japan) to use bus inbetween - contemplation on route: what does your way of looking at others...
  3. Pelgrimpaul

    Science backs up "hiking in nature"

    Some additional info on this topic I recently posted on my weblog Pilgrimage and Place Including several short movies, presentations, some article references of more recent dates... Meet the art of Shinrin-yoku or Forest bathing. Take a nature therapy session while being at home. The blog is...
  4. Pelgrimpaul

    Nature for you?

    On my Blog Pilgrimage and Place I just placed an item on Nature. Several views (and little movies) on nature as a place to walk, bike or stay. Have a look at what nature does for the brain, find out if nature is right for you, know about this nature practice: shinrin-yoku?, enjoy a nature...
  5. Pelgrimpaul

    Forest Fire Status in Portugal

    Overview forrest fires Portugal (and Europe): http://forest.jrc.ec.europa.eu/effis/applications/firenews/
  6. Pelgrimpaul

    bed race

    You'll find out about the situation on the last part of your camino towards Santiago as you walk there. A possibility is not to stay in the regular major stage places but to pick a smaller village before or after.
  7. Pelgrimpaul

    Ferrol to Pontedeume

    Peaking into Ingles... (first stage was fine to walk, bridge was tempting, but along the bay walked fine.) https://www.facebook.com/pauluskouwenberg/videos/vb.100004221725384/422893614528026/?type=2
  8. Pelgrimpaul

    PhD fieldwork on the Camino Vasco & Camino Frances July-August 2016

    Wow, working on similar research;-) See your fb messenger if you like.
  9. Pelgrimpaul

    How flat is the northen route

    I read somewhere... CF about 12km up and down. CdelN about 18km up and down.
  10. Galerie d'orange

    Galerie d'orange

    In the shadow of the cathedral a wish for 2016 awaits...
  11. The Tiraboleiros clew of knots

    The Tiraboleiros clew of knots

    Catedral de SdC
  12. Pelgrimpaul

    Taxi from Santiago to Labacolla Airport early morning

    Another option is take bus evening before. Near airport are some hotels, walking distance (certainly for a pilgrim;-)
  13. Pelgrimpaul

    Winter on the CPortugues

    About 50 kilometers north of Porto on the Camino Portugues the bar keeper told me that in his youth every morning had snow in the streets. At the moment I'm walking there. It's beautiful sunny with temperatures around 18 C. Prepared for winter I am, not for spring;-)
  14. Pelgrimpaul

    Condolence book for Denise

    Denise Requiescat in pace Made this... http://pilgrimsgaze.blogspot.nl/2015/09/just-me-honoring-denise-camino-frances.html
  15. Pelgrimpaul

    Police arrest suspect related to Denise's case

    It is possible to receive a compostela for someone who died while walking the camino (posthumously). This can be arranged through the Pilgrims office in Santiago deC.
  16. Pelgrimpaul

    Police arrest suspect related to Denise's case

    Perhaps news we didn't want to hear... Body of Denise found May she rest i.p., may her family find peace. http://www.elmundo.es/espana/2015/09/11/55f33ba4ca4741da168b45b5.html
  17. Pelgrimpaul

    Time between idea and start

    In a socialmedia group someone asked a simple question, leading to interesting answers. How long between your idea of walking the Camino to actually doing it? Thank you for idea Robert Altenbaugh
  18. Pelgrimpaul

    Walking the Ingles....5th Sept.

    Me and my son walked it also last year:) Short impression on
  19. Pelgrimpaul

    "The Way" the movie 'tragic' seeks HELP!

    Film induced tourism is a complete industry! With famous examples of 'Lord of the Rings', numerous British police series, sometimes a complete transformation due to a movie like 'Notting Hill' in London. In the case of 'The Way' we better call it Film Induced Pilgrimage;-) Just recently I...
  20. Pelgrimpaul

    Is permethrin carcinogenic?

    Jungle in Nepal! We're talking about Spain, and the chance you'll contact an albergue infected with bedbugs (and not beforehand be informed by other pilgrims) isn't that big. Yes, there is a chance. But, as on issues like type of shoes, type of raingear, etc. it's each pilgrim's own decision. My...

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