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    The Meseta; Burgos to Leon

    Having just returned from Spain, I would like to share with you some facts and thoughts: Two year ago, May 2016, I walked with two friends from Pamplona to Burgos, took a bus from Burgos to Leon, walked on to Santiago, then to Muxia and down to Finesterre. Altogether some 650 km. Last year, May...
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    Anyone having trouble buying bus tickets on the ALSA site?

    If you are using google chrome, try using Internet Explore; it worked for me...
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    Transportation from Barcelona to Pamplona

    That's exactly what I did last year and two years ago; took the renfe train from sants to Pamplona. book your ticket on their website ahead of time; it's a lot cheaper/
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    Finisterre or Muxia first?

    Did it two years ago, May 2016. We went to Muxia first, the reason being that it's a lot easier to return to SdC from Finisterre; many more buses and you don't have to book ahead of time, Buen Camino!
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    The Meseta.

    One day ahead of me; I will arrive in Burgos with my wife on May 22 and start the next day. Walking to Leon, part I did not do in 2016 when I walked from Pamplona to Santiago - Muxia - Finistere...
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    Burgos to Leon

    thank you all for your input
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    Burgos to Leon

    Just to set the record straight; in 2016 I walked from Pamplona to Santiago (excluding burgos - leon) and then muxia and fisterra. in 2017 I walked sjpp to Pamplona. so the missing part is burgos - leon...
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    Burgos to Leon

    thank you all for your thoughts, now it's up to me to decide....
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    Burgos to Leon

    Two years ago I skipped this section due to lack of time. I was told it is the least interesting part of the camino and that's why I chose to skip it. Now I am thinking of walking it in mid-May with my wife. I would like to read what you people who have walked it think of my idea of walking just...
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    Burgos to Leon

    In 2016 I walked with two friends from Pamplona to Santiago and then on to Muxia and Fistera. We skipped the Burgos - Leon part (took a bus) and now I am thinking of doing just this section. Any thoughts about it, anybody?
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    Beilari in SJPP if dinner isn't an option?

    My wife and I stayed there last May; the place is O.K. but dinner is no big deal at all...
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    If I arrive to SJPdP @ 8.45 will I get to Roncesvalles too late?

    make sure you reserve a bed at Orisson; it's a small place. By the way, Logrono is just about the ugliest town along the camino. last year I stayed at Viana, a few km before Logrono; a lovely little town...
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    If I arrive to SJPdP @ 8.45 will I get to Roncesvalles too late?

    Sounds to me like you are looking for trouble; of the entire Camino, this is the hardest section to walk... I am no hero; on May 17th I will start from SJPP to Orisson and continue the next day to Roncesvalles.
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    Intervention Needed!

    I couldn't agree more
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    Intervention Needed!

    Wait till you get to Logrono, this place is sure to change your mind...
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    Is 18 Too Young To Go Alone?

    You are never alone on the Camino... Enjoy!
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    considering canceling my trip :(

    Like many other people, I think you are over-rating the difficulties of walking the camino. I am a 68 year old man and last May I started off from Pamplona, skipped the Burgos - Leon stretch, continued to Santiago, from there to Muxia on the Atlantic coast and down to Finistere. Believe me; no...
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    Bad Albergues

    There is nothing "charming" about filthy accomodations. Excpecting an albergue to be reasonably clean does not mean that a pilgrim is looking for luxury. You can be poor yet clean...
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    Bad Albergues

    I couldn't have said it better!!

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