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    Liner versus sleeping bag

    Here is 50 degree down bag that opens up and can be used as a blanket. Weight is a shade over a pound. So, versatile, light weight. Add a silk liner for chillier nights. Carrying a few extra ounces to ensure a solid night sleep or save a few ounces and be restless and chilly all night...
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    All About Osprey

    You can get aftermarket shoulder strap plastic clips for attaching a chest pack. For example, here: https://zpacks.com/products/multi-pack
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    All About Osprey

    - click fastener attachment points for a chest pack option on each shoulder strap. Agree!
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    Sandals with or without socks or trail runners?

    Choprock shandal? Choprock strap? Which model?
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    When Two Hyperlight Backpackers Meet

    George Kennedy, Clint Eastwood - "Eiger Sanction" One of the best climbing sequences, not a documentary, from Hollywood ever!
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    I had PF years ago. I searched all the solutions, including surgery. What ended up working, on my internists advice, was incredibly inexpensive and effective. I got a few pair of Dr. Scholl's gel heel cup shoe inserts and wore them all the time. After a week or so, no more PF. I continued...
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    Ultralight rain kilt for ultracheap tip

    What about these? Would they work? Over the calf might be what you're looking for. https://zpacks.com/products/calf-gaiters Particularly, see the reviews. Sounds like what you're are after.
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    Join the quest for the perfect panel loading camino pack?

    So, inquiring minds want to know... what did you think of the Z-Pack Arc Haul Zip in comparison? Both seem like great packs. Very different sizes and features. What extras did you add to the Z-Pack Zip, if any? Thanks.
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    New Ultralight Rain Jacket

    Many thanks. Just recently ordered and have now received my FT poncho, and have plenty of Tenacious Tape, which I agree, should always be in my pack, and is. Looking forward to putting the poncho through its paces. I'd been considering the Z-Pack. It still may be the ticket. Like the...
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    New Ultralight Rain Jacket

    Well, my interest has been piqued. What make/model poncho do you use? I currently use a jacket/pants setup, but have been increasingly convinced that a poncho/skirt set up might be far better, but just can't find a poncho that seems versatile enough/light enough/offers enough actual protection...
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    Waterproof pants

    I used 2 layer rain pants (Marmot Precips), and they were fine. But were I to do it again, I'd go with my silnylon rainskirt that I have since purchased, as many others have mentioned. But, on our CP, my daughter and I became friends with a young woman who was traveling very light. She had a...
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    Here is a decent trick for smoothing shoe goo. I've also wrapped my shoe, before the goo dries, tightly in plastic wrap, like Saran Wrap, as a sort of flexible vice, a way to keep the bonded pieces together. Here's a link to the product. It comes in clear, black and maybe a few other colors...
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    The Unlikely Rise of the Pastel de Nata, and Why It’s Suddenly Everywhere

    Good luck with it. Hope it meets your expectations and beyond.
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    The Unlikely Rise of the Pastel de Nata, and Why It’s Suddenly Everywhere

    I ran across this article and thought I'd pass it on. But I confess, my first thought, as I read the headline was: "What do you MEAN? UNLIKELY?? Hardly!!! More like 'Inevitable' " Anyway, it brought back fond memories of morning stops. bloomberg.com The Unlikely Rise of the Pastel de Nata...
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    End of the day sandals

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip. I checked them out and bought a pair. Terrific. Light weight, mesh top, arch strap makes a secure fit, great sole and footbed, and they pack almost flat.
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    End of the day sandals

    Good to know about the drying time. And the 1lb per pair. Oops. Thanks. The generally rave reviews on them don't mention the drying time. If not good for "shower shoes", my guess would be, despite the weight savings, not good Camino shoes for post-walking afternoons/evenings, but maybe...
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    End of the day sandals

    I recently read of a PCT thru hiker who praised a sandal I'd not heard of. They are light weight, slightly over 1 lb each, versus, for example, a Chaco Z/2 Classic at about 2 lbs each, with a really good resolable Vibram outsole and a Teva/Chaco type footbed. But they are not inexpensive...
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    New Backpack

    Speaking of backpacks, and small auxiliary bags (chest packs, bum bags, fanny packs, shoulder harness pockets, hip-belt pockets, etc.), I just found this company, Thrupack, who makes "fanny packs" of various sizes and materials and styles, as well as very light packs of the main sizes of 35, 45...
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    A new pack that could be a Camino fav!

    While not a panel loader, I just ran across a new to me cottage outdoor gear manufacturer, Waymark. They make a sort of made to order set of minimalist packs. Their "Thru 40" for example is a simple, roll top 40 L pack that weighs in at about 22 oz. with a padded hipbelt, or under 20 with just...
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    Favourite Camino Waymarking Signs

    Directional Dilemma!

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