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    Trip to Muxia

    I did go on daytrip tour with a minibuss taking us to Finnester and Muxia and other places of interrest. We had lunch included for 50 euro. That was a very nice trip.
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    How much training do we really need?

    You do not have to walk 25 km every day. Just walk what is comfortable for you. I did an average distance of 10 km a day and I did arrive in Santiago de Compostela, finally. ( started in Fromista) The Camino is yours, your way. As long as you are able to walk, you will always be fit for the...
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    The ultimate pocketknife to take on the camino

    Last year I walked on the Camino Frances for almost 6 weeks and staying in Albergues. I did not bring any knife and I never had any use for it. One time I needed a sicsor(?) and I asked the host in the albergue for one. For me a knife was just extra grams, nice to have but not nessecary thing.
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    Seniors on the Camino

    Yes, that is my experience too. Buen Camino.
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    other shoes?

    Last year i had some superlight Birkenstock Madrid sandals made of plastic. Very usefull in showers, evenings and two days walking around in Leon. Very comfortable. I really recommend those. I will bring them for my next camino in September.
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    Best Breathable Light Hiking Shoes?

    I walked with the same shoes last year, no blisters. And they still look new. Love them.
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    Can anyone confirm or refute the following....?

    I got my honey for the tea most places. But some mornings I had to walk some kilometers for my morning tea and breakfast.
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    Frances vs. Via De La Plata Average Daily Distances?

    I would like to know if there is any backpack transport on the Via de la Plata?
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    The meseta is a desert? Ummmm

    The road is the goal ❤
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    The meseta is a desert? Ummmm

    I walked the Meseta this year in the beginning of June and it was a walk in a wild flower garden. So beautiful. So fragnant. Most of my pictures were of flowers.
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    Live - Camino Francés This JUST happened...

    Yes, the synchronicity on the Camino really blowed my mind.
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    GPS vs Apps

    Hi, I did walk the Camino Frances from Fromista to Santiago de Compostela this summer. On my smartphone there is a GPS. I did download the app Camino Pilgrims. When you are online there is a map with all routes and Albergues. It is possible to download the map for free. I did so, it took more...
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    Finished a few days ago... am I the only one who

    I came home from my Camino Francés walk two weeks ago and I did enjoy the Sarria to Santiago part very much. Yes, it was different from the other stages, but it defenitely had its charm. All this young noisy school people full of life walking to Santiago and I were so taken by their disiplin. I...
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    Worrying Trend

    Hola, I am just home from my walk to Santiago de Compostela, so I want to tell all you still on the Camino where I had the very best Pilgrim meny. In hotel San Paio in Lavacolla, about 10 km before Santiago. 1. dish they named Minestrone, but that was not a soup, but heavenly a lot of...
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    Intense heatwave

    Hopefylly I will walk my last 10 km in to Santiago de Compostela tomorrow. Yes, it is very, very hot on the Camino. Just to put your head under the fountains and make your hair wet, is cooling for a while.
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    Foodie finds on the Camino!!

    Hol Hola, I just arrived to Fromista from Madrid yesterday I ate at Meny Peregrino, next to the Hostal Camino de Santiago. I had the Pilgrims meny : Starter - one big plate with big white asparges and some delicious sourcream dip beside. Main dish, 2 fried slices of pork and french fries...
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    Thank you everybody for all the good advices. I finnally have got my shoes and socks that works for me. Well, here in the cold Scandinavia. I will use my new Haglöfs Observer GT Woman shoes with first pair of socks : Thin alpakka baby wool, 98 % and then a pair of mohair socks as outer layer and...
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    Thank you everybody for the informations. Happy days and happy feet to all of you.
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    I know. I did before using this socalled blisterfree, tecknical running socks. But after reading all this responses, I will continue with woolsocks. Even in 30 degrees plus. Thank you for good advise.

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