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LIVE from the Camino The Ugly American - From Tipperary to Santiago

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Camino Frances (2), Chemin du Puy, Portuguese, Via de la Plata

Yupha, a Thai espat, is the owner of the Enchanted Kitchen, a wonderful French Thai restaurant in Mullinavat, Kilkenny. I stayed in their upstairs upstairs B&B last night so they let me have my afternoon tea in the comfortable waiting area of the restaurant 1 hour before it opens. So I ask for some milk which they bring in a pouring cup. A short time later I see a glass of milk and egg roll appetizer on the bar. I’m thinking how hospitable as I eat the egg roll, which was delicious by the way, and thoughtfully return the milk back to their kitchen staff as it was unneeded as I already had some. Twenty minutes later I see the glass of milk back on the bar and another order of appetizer. Being a frequent traveler to Thailand I should know that they often put out food for gods and ancestors. I was so embarrassed as once again I am the “Ugly American”. But we had a good laugh over it. Fortunately, The God in the photo is Mother Nature who has a great sense of humor. And the Thai and Irish people as well.
C87868F9-915E-4540-AE9D-39B363F31A14.jpeg Yupha, with Mother Nature and her milk and spring roll offering after my blunder. Their restaurant is an unexpected gem off the beaten track in Mullinavat, Kilkenny.


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A few times
I have been to Thailand a few times, and to America as well. I have seen my share if spirit houses and offerings of course. It never occurred to me to help myself to that food and drink. :rolleyes:
I have met a lot of Americans when in the military, working and traveling overseas. I never saw them act any uglier than citizens of other countries, and I worked and had contact with citizens of several countries. That incident sounds to me not to be country of origin specific, but instead what Americans I knew would refer to it being a "brain fart".
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2), Chemin du Puy, Portuguese, Via de la Plata
“The Ugly American” was just a title to my post and taken from a wonderful book of that name by Eugene Burdick. I was simply making light of the situation. . Fortunately, with a sincere apology everyone involved saw the humor in it and we ended up having a pleasant and fun evening. I like to not take myself and life too seriously,
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