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  1. Ahhhs

    Urban Myths

    And of course the myth that the louder and more frequently that you state your theory... the more correct it becomes. 😎
  2. Ahhhs

    Bucket List - What we must plan to not miss on the Way?

    Try not to hurry. Better to slow down, or stop, and enjoy what is around you than to log the maximum number of km per hour or day.
  3. Ahhhs

    Did you miss anything?

  4. Ahhhs

    A Hard Question?

    Why is it necessary to label yourself (or others) at all?
  5. Ahhhs

    What to bring in the daypack?

    Yep. Newbies should be aware that having your pack transported is just an option if you need it and certainly not the “norm”.
  6. Ahhhs

    What to bring in the daypack?

    Not a competition at all. Everyone can and should do their own Camino in whatever way suits them and makes them happy. It does seem like more and more people who haven’t walked are thinking that “everyone” has their pack shipped and that is just how you do the Camino. I’m simply offering...
  7. Ahhhs

    Packing List

    Not necessary of course, but if you are only packing two tech hiking shirts it might be fun to have an extra lightweight shirt for running around enjoying Barcelona. If you aren’t visiting there until after the Camino you could pick one up in Santiago. Just for fun. ;)
  8. Ahhhs

    Packing List

    Of course that was the short version. You get to have the planning fun of figuring out WHICH shirts/shoes/socks/etc. work best for you. And I would sneak in one extra shirt if you will be traveling in Barcelona very long...
  9. Ahhhs

    Packing List

    One “outfit” to wear and one set in your pack. Underwear, good socks, rain jacket (you will likely get rain at some point), pack cover. Something warm to layer if needed like a fleece. Small amount of toiletries/first aid (you can replenish there as needed). Small towel. Comfortable...
  10. Ahhhs

    What to bring in the daypack?

    65 Liters is very large for the Camino as a regular pack. That may be part of the confusion here. If you had a pack half that size you could just use one. As a point of reference, I used a 38L on my first two caminos and now have a 30L that I’ve used on my last two Caminos. Plenty of room...
  11. Ahhhs

    What to bring in the daypack?

    I still don’t really understand why one would want to bother with two separate packs...again, unless there was a physical need. There is a real freedom in carrying your own backpack. You don’t have to worry about where it is, wonder when it will arrive, or find that you need something you’ve...
  12. Ahhhs

    What to bring in the daypack?

    Why not just pack light and carry your pack? (Unless of course there is a physical reason not to). You don’t need much for 5 days. That way you always have everything you need on board. Buen Camino
  13. Ahhhs

    If you had only one word ...

    Bocadillo. (again!)
  14. Ahhhs

    Vaseline - Is it an Essential Item to Pack?

    Don't use it, didn't bring it, didn't miss it. Glop in my socks...yuck! ;) One pair of good fitting, quality hiking socks works for me. Rarely do I ever blister. But as always everyone is different and whatever works for you, works. There are so many variables and opinions for each item in...
  15. Ahhhs

    Training for CF:5 weeks to go!

    You sound very well prepared. Be careful not to overtrain and injure or exhaust yourself before you go. Just go at your own (usual) pace and you'll be fine. Buen Camino!

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