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Luggage Storage in Santiago

- Ship your things to Santiago, pick them up when you arrive.


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    Teens - I’m Disheartened and Grouchy

    Teenagers are often very self absorbed. Their world view is very narrow. They haven't experienced a lot of life and don't always realize or even notice how their behavior affects others. I wonder what would have happened if someone had approached them and reminded them that people are tired...
  2. Ahhhs

    dreadful walk,awful people,

    Life (and the Camino) can be challenging. A little humor can go a long way toward relieving the stress. Cheers!
  3. Ahhhs

    Pack is too large for carry-on

    Is it possible to exchange your pack for a smaller version of the same one? That would solve the carry on problem. To each their own of course, but 65L seems pretty large for the Camino... I started out with a 38L and am now down to 30L for the last couple of Caminos. Good luck!
  4. Ahhhs

    Packing list question

    I sent my pole (I hike with one) home to California from Santiago twice by itself as checked "luggage". I always take my pack as carry on and the pole is just a little too big to fit inside. No bag or cover, just an address label clear taped to the pole and the airline luggage tag attached. It...
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    As always to each their own, but I loved Bilbao. I enjoyed the museum inside and out and it was lovely at night. A beautiful spot to walk around. Had a glass of wine at the outside cafe there and listened to some nice live music with the locals. Great photo opps. Wouldn't miss it. YMMV. ;)
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    Where did you find the courage?

    Any specific thoughts about a solo female on the Le Puy route? It sounds like it may be a bit more rural...perhaps more scenic than some but maybe more isolated areas?
  7. Ahhhs

    Where did you find the courage?

    Love this thread. I was feeling a little uncertain about my solo plans for Le Puy this spring. And reading the latest crime report never helps. I've done the CF solo but wasn't sure about a new country/new language, less traveled, less familiar route. After reading all these great stories...
  8. Ahhhs

    A CF Packing List to Pull Apart

    And tell Pat that she really doesn't need the hair dryer. They are almost non-existent on the Camino. That's what hats are for.
  9. Ahhhs

    A CF Packing List to Pull Apart

    Looks pretty good. I'd skip the Scrubba, coil, bug spray & head net, hair dryer, and take either a day pack OR a shopping bag. But that's just me. Oh, and maybe add a change of clothes for Mr. Bean. ;)
  10. Ahhhs

    Training Chat - mutual support for first time pilgrims

    I agree. Be careful not to overtrain and possibly injure yourself before departure. For me I found shorter hikes everyday to be more helpful than super long ones for training. The hard part is doing it day after day whether you feel like it or not. And be sure to lose some pack weight. A large...
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    Blisters pre- walking

    Everyone is different. For me: Trail runners a half size larger with snug heel and roomy toe box. One pair of good fitting Darn Tough socks (they come in sizes). I use a small piece of tape on hot spots and Bandaid Blister pads if one develops which is rare. I never use goo and don't pop...
  12. Ahhhs

    Less baggage for second camino Frances? (backpack stories please!)

    I started with an Osprey Kestrel 38L for my first couple of Caminos and then got a Tempest 30L. I'm very happy with the lighter weight of the smaller pack. The pack itself weighs about a pound and a half less when empty than my previous pack. There is more than enough room for everything...
  13. Ahhhs

    Drying clothes while walking

    Sometimes you can find them at Dollar Stores. I keep a small one in my pack and use it to put my socks and undies in when sharing a washing machine with others.
  14. Ahhhs

    sleeping bag in April/May

    Yes I would bring a lightweight sleeping bag. There were a few completely unattended albergues on the Norte (no hospitalero or any volunteer) with no blankets or covers. I wouldn't bother with a pillowcase as the pillow sizing is very different. You can always use a scarf or fleece to cover...
  15. Ahhhs

    Advices not related with transport, Equipment and logistics

    It can't be said often enough: Pack light! Not only will your body feel better and recover faster from carrying less weight, but the constant packing and unpacking and trying not to forget anything is so much easier with fewer items.


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