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  • I will be doing my 4th Camino and only one of the reasons is to stay at San Anton. LAst year my soon to be ex-husband said "No way, I'm not staying there" My Camino didn't feel complete, so back I go. YOur time frame is in sync with mine, see you soon.
    I'd love to meet you, but if you read my latest post on the San Anton thread; I added a sad note that my doctor has cancelled my Camino due to heath issue. You will love the place, it will be a good place to make a toast with our lovely Jacobus vino tinto to your soon to be ex!
    I'll be back!
    Hey Don , remember your heavy duty ear plugs - San Anton - looking forward to your company and humour!
    Hey Biarritzdon, I was wondering how you like living on the Camino? Forgot where you are, but I'm glad you are there. Hope your Autumn is going well :)
    Hello Don. Our apologies for this very late 'thank you' for visiting the Abbey. It was lovely to meet you and show you around the buildings… Hopefully the weather will soon be warm enough to leave that top down for a bit…
    Merry Christmas Don. Best wishes bro.
    That's funny. I haven't done anything like this before so going to be a good challenge and learning time. I'm a few months away from taking that first step so wish you al the best mate
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