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    • Bogong
      ...I am on day eight of walking the Francés at the moment. It is quite busy. A lot of talk about beds (and the need to book ahead). I don't book. Today I tried really hard not to get a bed. I really tried. Got up late. Took my time to pack...
    • Bogong
      Bogong replied to the thread Poncho in SJPDP?.
      Interesting. I walked winter 2014 and the weather from St J P de p was vile. Two pilgrims that first day had their ponchos completely shredded by Roncrsvalles. De Colores. Bogong
    • Bogong
      Bogong reacted to Lexicos's post in the thread Poncho in SJPDP? with Like Like.
      I bought the cheap ponchos several times and paid various amounts for them. Few lasted more than two days. So I finally invested in a tough but light plastic one of a proper design that gives full protection. I’ve never looked back. I always...
    • Bogong
      Most of the scary stuff I’d been reading on this site. Accommodation issues, blisters, bedbugs, distances, route issues, shoes, packweights, snoring and other albergue noises at night, medical facilities, went on and on. Left me fearful of a...
    • Bogong
      Bogong replied to the thread New Camino route identified.
      If he’d tried a few years earlier he could have come here for nothing! De Colores Bogong
    • Bogong
      Bogong reacted to MikeyC's post in the thread New Camino route identified with Like Like.
      .... The antipodean clock is ahead of us here in the UK as indeed you are on many other things. If only my father hadn't cancelled his £10 tickets in the 1960s.
    • Bogong
      Bogong replied to the thread Holy Week Experience.
      On a tip -off from a friend i finished my Camino before Semana Santa, met up with my wife and sister-in -law and afterwitnessing a marvellous procession on Palm Sunday in Madrid right near our hotel spent the rest of the week in Toledo, the seat...
    • Bogong
      Bogong reacted to Kev&Kath's post in the thread Holy Week Experience with Like Like.
      If you have the opportunity to visit Spain during Semana Santa...take it! My wife and I were in Cadiz for Holy Thursday, and Jerez de la Frontera for Easter Sunday last year. If we can...a repeat visit during Holy Week...would be our goal. Buen...
    • Bogong
      Told to me by a German pilgrim I met somewhere after Sarria in 2014. You could still see the terror in his eyes at the memory. He was my age, about 70. He had years earlier walked from Sarria in August, the Spanish holiday period. It was wall to...
    • Bogong
      Bogong replied to the thread Asics running shoe durability.
      What I’m going to say might upset some prople and cause some disagreement. For 58 years or so I’ve been a jogger including daily runs of up to 15 miles and marathon training. I’ve tried virtually every brand of funner except now there seem to be...
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