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    • brian560
      Doesn't narrow the field much on the Camino Francés... :cool: In the case of the man in the article he seems to have been led by something off the Camino and on to the autopista. Not sure how open the Guardia Civil would be to theological debate...
    • brian560
      GNP is not a good indicator of overall wealth given the huge number of very rich people in the USA.
    • brian560
      brian560 reacted to Tincatinker's post in the thread Re: Current Lunch Prices with Like Like.
      Look carefully for the places that are obviously popular with pilgrims and then go somewhere else. That way you’ll get a good menu del dia, including alcohol, for 12 - 15€. Just remember that the true mdd is served during Spanish lunch hours not...
    • brian560
      brian560 reacted to Bradypus's post in the thread Re: Current Lunch Prices with Like Like.
      Half the posts I read online about the Caminos seem to be designed to make something essentially straightforward seem enormously complicated and difficult! As if the authors want applause for having achieved some miraculous feat beyond mere...
    • brian560
      brian560 replied to the thread Re: Current Lunch Prices.
      If the wine's undrinkable, ask for gaseosa. It's a faintly sweet soda added to red wine.
    • brian560
      brian560 replied to the thread Bed race on the VDLP….
      I stayed there. Very nice it is too,
    • brian560
      brian560 replied to the thread Injinji Wool Liners Only?.
      They'll wear out. I use Injinji coolmax liners with good quality ankle socks over them when wearing trail runners. No blisters and the outer socks take the wear.
    • brian560
      brian560 reacted to C clearly's post in the thread Rip off Restaurant with Like Like.
      Welcome to the forum! I see that you joined the forum today, in order to publish a bad review. I hope you feel better soon.
    • brian560
      brian560 replied to the thread New Camino route identified.
      If your ancestors weren't such goody two shoes, you would have got here for free.
    • brian560
      brian560 replied to the thread Madrid hospital.
      You will have to pay, which is fair enough.
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