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    • Caligal
      Caligal replied to the thread Backpack transfer in Porto.
      Thanks but where I am staying they do not have a lobby I need to arrange a different pick up point.
    • Caligal
      Hi, arrived in Porto today starting the coastal camino on Friday! I just found out the hostel I am staying at does not allow pack pick up. Im walking to vila cha 1st day and physically I cannot carry my pack. Suggestions? Who are the transfer...
    • Caligal
      Caligal reacted to Pelerina's post in the thread Camino Dating with Like Like.
      There was a thread on a similar topic about 5 years ago and I wrote about my story then. We did ‘find each other’ on the Camino. But I can’t vote yes for #1. Ours was a camino friendship, not a romance. That came later. Post in thread 'Tales of...
    • Caligal
      Caligal replied to the thread Camino Dating.
      I have thought about writing our Camino love story, this gives me the perfect opportunity. On May 1st, 2023 I was walking ( my 3rd) just out of Ledigos when Dudley came up from behind and we started the usual conversation, where are you from? He...
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    • Caligal
      Caligal reacted to venerabledom's post in the thread Overcrowding in Santiago with Like Like.
      It baffles me that people go somewhere and then complain there are too many other people there - buddy this isn’t your movie, to to them you are other people
    • Caligal
      Caligal reacted to t2andreo's post in the thread Overcrowding in Santiago with Like Like.
      It is NOT crowded. There are just too many people in a confined place - particularly when "I" want to enjoy it. One's perspective defines the argument. To wit - "I am NOT overweight, I am under-tall." This is a collallary of the late, great...
    • Caligal
      Yes, I totally forgot, Portuguese it is!! Yes, my hotel reservation in Porto is the same day I fly into Lisbon. The train ride is only 2/3 hours to Porto so I thought it would be a nice way to travel to Porto.
    • Caligal
      Caligal reacted to J Willhaus's post in the thread Sending luggage to Ivar with Like Like.
      Here's a video where he discusses sending from Portugal.
    • Caligal
      Caligal reacted to ivar's post in the thread Sending luggage to Ivar with Like Like.
      Yes, also some instructions here: https://casaivar.com/luggage-storage-in-santiago-de-compostela/
    • Caligal
      This is my 1st time flying into Portugal on my 3 previous Caminos I’ve flown into Madrid gone to Correros and sent a pkg. to Casa Ivar to pick up when I arrived in Santiago. Can I do the same in Porto? Thank you for info. Dee
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