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Recent content by chinasky

  1. chinasky

    Walking to Jerusalem

    Thanks a lot @domigee. I'll follow your advice and will ask for help in those groups. Bye!
  2. chinasky

    Walking to Jerusalem

    @ingemar amberntsson & @edandjoan thanks for the kindly reply. I'll keep in mind your advices.
  3. chinasky

    Walking to Jerusalem

    Hello, my name is Fabio and i’m an italian pilgrim/hiker. After walking several times the Camino de Santiago and the Via Francigena from my hometown near Turin to Rome, i’m dreaming/planning a camino in Holy Land, from Akka to Jerusalem in late october. Looking on the web and reading an italian...
  4. chinasky

    Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil

    Hi, any updates or news about this path? i'm planning to walk from Acre to Jerusalem in october i would like to cross the occupied territories following this path. Thanks!
  5. chinasky

    Start in Turin/Torino?

    @Stacey Wittig how was your camino from Susa? I'm sorry i've read only now this post, i live near Torino and I could have helped you, also because i'm planning to walk from Torino to Lourdes in spring and i'm collecting fresh news. Bye!
  6. chinasky

    Cornatel Castle -- Reduced visiting hours

    I think that we have good news for the castle that "se puede visitar todos los fines de semana entre las 11.00 a 13.30 horas y de 16.00 a 18.30 http://www.diariodeleon.es/noticias/priaranza_1142291.html
  7. chinasky

    Camino Invierno Video

    Thanks a lot!
  8. chinasky

    Camino Invierno Video

    Thanks Laurie, we usually started walking with very low temperature, under 0 C degree and i get my beard freezed almost every day :)
  9. chinasky

    Camino Invierno Video

    This is the video of my camino de Invierno, hope you like it:
  10. chinasky

    Confusion leaving Lalin, help needed

    Here's the track between the end of the walk in the park and the albergue in A Laxe. I remember very clearly that i've passed near a fancy hotel in the industrial park, maybe in its backyard. The track between Lalin and A Laxe by chinasky posted Feb 21, 2017 at 9:50 AM I've loved every single...
  11. chinasky

    After Pazo de Reguengo

    Yes, i've found the way without any problems and it has been a really nice and easy walk that day.
  12. The track between Lalin and A Laxe

    The track between Lalin and A Laxe

  13. chinasky

    2017 Invierno guide is DONE and posted!

    it has been a pleasure Laurie. ps: i'm an happy, 2017 invierno pilgrim :)
  14. chinasky

    Confusion leaving Lalin, help needed

    Hi, here my experience leaving Lalin last 26 of january. I've stayed in a private albergue near the ajuntamento/mall, just in the outside of the town and i went out the city walking the park/river Path. It was raining, very dark and i've to thank the gps tracks that i downloaded and taken with...
  15. Leaving Lalin

    Leaving Lalin