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    • fxkhang
      I did the “100 km in 24 hours”, and i’m kind of glad that I’m not the only one, apparently. I did it for a mundane reason, but it turns out i did because I needed to lean an essential Camino lesson. But it took a while for the shoe to drop. I...
    • fxkhang
      fxkhang reacted to lovelyshell's post in the thread How long is the Meseta? with Like Like.
      It took me 7 days from Burgos to Leon. It was definitely warm and those were some of my lonlieat days on the Camino. But I say it was on the Meseta that I learned that I have grit, determination, and acquired a bit of resilience. Becoming more...
    • fxkhang
      fxkhang reacted to Corelacka's post in the thread How long is the Meseta? with Like Like.
      I have walked parts of the Meseta three times. It is a very special section of the CF and particularly lovely in June, when red poppies and stork nests abound. My favourite memory is the pre-dawn climb out of Castrojeriz and looking back as...
    • fxkhang
      fxkhang replied to the thread Burgos to Madrid airport.
      Last year I took a rideshare from Burgos to Madrid for €16 & a metro from Plaza de Espana to MAD airport for €4 or €6 I don't really remember. The bus take you directly to the airport, €21 is a good price.
    • fxkhang
      fxkhang reacted to Antnix1's post in the thread How long is the Meseta? with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      The meseta really isn't that boring or long. I believe in hot weather it's challenging for lack of shade. For many it's a good opportunity to be alone for a bit, as you won't be passing villages every 5-7km. For anyone who says "there's nothing...
    • fxkhang
      fxkhang reacted to trecile's post in the thread How long is the Meseta? with Like Like.
      Definitely not green in September.
    • fxkhang
      fxkhang replied to the thread How long is the Meseta?.
      It depends on your daily distance. It took me 5.5 days last year from Burgos to Leon. October 3rd ~ 8th, It was hot during noon, but I live in tropical climate and it was still comfort temperature for me.
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