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    • G_the_D
      G_the_D reacted to DoughnutANZ's post in the thread Night stage recommendation? with Like Like.
      I prefer not to live my life out of fear. If the only places that I could go in this world were places where other people were watching me then I would not be long for this world. I cherish the opportunities that I have to go places where there...
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D reacted to Tandem Graham's post in the thread Water, water... with Like Like.
      I carry a 660ml bottle (about a pint). I get into the habit of taking a good swig as I enter each hamlet or village, and refill it every time there is a source. At Carrion los Condes (or similar places on other Caminos where there is a known gap...
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D replied to the thread Water, water....
      Let weather forecasts be part of that calculus. Crossing from SJPdP to Roncesvalles I went through 6L of water. It was sunny and incredibly windy. All of the water I drank was stripped away from my skin (no bathroom break even with all that...
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D replied to the thread The final few kms.
      In the fall of 2017 a bridge was closed for maintenance. The entrance route was detoured for what felt like an extra 7 or 8 km. (Likely less, but it felt much longer.) It definitely wasn't more scenic. It did get us to the cathedral though. I...
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D replied to the thread Night Hikes / Star Gazing.
      I have done very early departures from albergues many times. Normally the drive to leave early was the forecast of a scorching day to come or an inability to sleep. The big issue that I have encountered was finding the arrows on very dark nights...
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D reacted to alexwalker's post in the thread Ordering beer in Spain with Like Like.
      The first 1-2 i will say. Oopss: 12 is spelled without a hyphen...
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D replied to the thread Walking with headphones?.
      I wear a single ear bud. It allows me to switch my attention from the podcast I'm likely listening to, to the sounds of the Camino. If a conversation is offered, the ear bud comes out. Not for everyone, but it works for me. G
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D replied to the thread Ordering beer in Spain.
      A cana is a normal sized draught beer. Generally speaking this is what most people would order (30cL). I have ordered a cana grande to get a large beer. Along the Frances, the bar keepers have (I'm certain) hard it all and know what you mean...
    • G_the_D
      Beilari gets my approval. They are wonderful people who know pilgrims and their needs.
    • G_the_D
      G_the_D replied to the thread Camino bug is nibbling.
      Well it seems the absolute majority is backing my initial instinct. When I get to booking, I'll be booking for Sevilla with a destination of Salamanca. Thanks all! Gord
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