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      hfleming replied to the thread Backpack Replacement Recos?.
      I second this recommend! On my second Stratus and my wife has the women's specific Sirrus
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      hfleming reacted to AussieWayne's post in the thread The Camino Will Provide with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      An excellent entry which sums up “the Camino will provide” beautifully. I had an experience on day 2 out of SJPdP, the details of which don’t matter here but related to my back and balance. Pilgrims who I had never seen or met before came to my...
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      hfleming reacted to malingerer's post in the thread The Camino Will Provide with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      IF IF IF! If my eye operation and other bits of me rally for a last charge, and if I can beg , borrow or steal, the money for an all terrain rollator, this is the picture I will have on my hat: AND I will be singing : " GONNA BE THERE, UP AND...
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      hfleming replied to the thread Taxi to Orisson on Day 1.
      Buen Camino friend!
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      hfleming reacted to dbier's post in the thread Complimentary Hiking Poles in Bilbao Airport ? with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      After my Camino last Sept, I mailed my poles and an unused guide back to the municipal albergue in my starting city with a brief note for the next pilgrim. Cost me 11 euro amd 10 minutes at Correos. Think it over. :)
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      hfleming reacted to Antnix1's post in the thread Some thoughts on the uniqueness of pilgrimage. with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      For many people the last 100 km to Santiago could be, in their minds, quite a challenge if they haven't done a multi-day hike before. Often people start with the CF and go on to do the Northern Camino or Via de la Plata. Some people book their...
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      1 - Verizon offering free iPhone upgrade now not sure of details 2- I used SIM from Orange that I ordered off Amazon but orange brand 3 glad I preordered as my phone needed a little tweaking for this to be seamless. Took to Verizon store and...
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