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    • isobelmtl
      Well, the Camino doesn’t make sense…. It makes, joy, peace, confidence, friends, hope, meaning…. no, like many wonderful things, it doesn’t make sense
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to Kirkie's post in the thread When does the Camino make sense with Like Like.
      The author of this piece (Michael Harding) writes regularly in the paper I read, The Irish Times. He has a soft take on most things - soft in the sense of gentle and positive. Enjoy this little glimpse... (I will not be surprised if this post is...
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to Anniesantiago's post in the thread If You Are Sick with Like Like.
      This irritates me - because I have not been able to walk since Puente La Reina because one of my pilgrims, who is a nurse by the way, showed up sick and didn’t tell anybody and wrote the taxi with us to SJPP. She did not wear a mask. As a...
    • isobelmtl
      If you mean trail maintenance, provision of facilities (water, toilets) - perhaps, in some areas, but that’s not what is under discussion. But accommodation? There are no "authorities responsible" ! Accommodation on the camino is not a right.
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to CWBuff's post in the thread Zubiri hazardous path with Like Like.
      Like my Mom said when I told her I am off on a Pilgrimage in Spain - "You Will Suffer!" I honestly do n ot know how badly it eroded since 2019 but in 2022 it was no picnic either... Good Luck to All the Pilgrims who currently approaching that...
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to Ruthinator's post in the thread Zubiri hazardous path with Like Like.
      Hello; I started my camino on May 15th, today husband and I walked from Roncesvalles to Zubiri. I did the Camino in 2019 and the path from alto erro to Zubiri has eroded and is more hazardous than I remembered. There are rumors 3 people were...
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to murraydv's post in the thread Camino de Levante with Like Like.
      Looking forward to getting back on the Camino de Levante next week. It’s a long and solitary Camino, although I am as far as Zamora now, where it merged with the VDLP and on to the Sanabres. Here are some photos from my journey so far.
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to Kathar1na's post in the thread EU Ruling On Bookings.Com with Like Like.
      <sigh> I will try to be even more boring than I am already when I try to explain the practical meaning of EU law for consumers.
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to TerryB's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Like Like.
      The time after return from the Camino gives us space to reflect on the good and not so good and the positive and negative aspects. Here is an extract from my thoughts after the Primitivo. "At the bottom of the valley The river Navia goes On its...
    • isobelmtl
      isobelmtl reacted to martin1ws's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Like Like.
      There are so many terrible things (and people) and so many wonderful things (and people) and everything in between. I like my caminos and the people I met on my caminos very much... but of course it is far from perfect... the caminos are in the...
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