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  • Hi Ivar! :)

    I really wanna thanks for this forum.. The best informations about Camino on the internet! I appreciate that!

    Take care and one more thank you!

    Greetings from the Czech Republic and in July I'll be on the way! ;)

    Hi Ivar, Happy Birthday.
    I want to reply to a post and also start a new thread but cannot. No text box appears except the "Title". I'v tried both browsers that I have but no use. I've tried to refresh the page. Sorry but can you help? Irishpilgrim. Anna
    Hi Ivar, I try to reply to posts and am not able to write anything. What am I doing wrong? If you can shed some light it would be appreciated. Celia
    Dear Ivar - My apologies for putting this here (I cannot see any other way of contacting you?) You have removed my post but you have not also removed the email which gave rise to my comment - which was a direct provocation - please can you explain this?
    Many Thanks Rob
    IVar: The new Camino Buffs "Buy now for Euro 17.28" button works great, but does not allow for editing the number desired. It defaults to one and I cannot see how to change it. Is this something you can fix? Thanks Tom
    Hi Ivar its Hugh McMullan I was wondering what you thought of my 2 movies on the Frances and the Via de la Plata. Did you ever get time to watch them??
    Hi Ivar, I have been reliably informed that you can help me with giving my website info to the Camino forum. 6 of us cycled the Camino in 2012 and then my husband Jonathan wrote a book on the adventure, it is something I thought others might enjoy having a look at. Are you able to help with putting the info up? It's if you can assist I would be very thankful. Best wishes, Joanna
    Ivar, Anne (Annakappa) and I (Fraluchi) want to make a Christmas present to you personally. We distrust PayPal and refuse to sign "agreements" with "systems", knowing that Uncle Sam is watching things which are none of his business. We prefer to make a direct bank transfer to you at hand of your IBAN, BIC and full address. Mail to and we'll deal with it.
    Hi Ivar - now I have them I would like to gift you two of my t shirts - could you tell me your chest size in cms and an address where I could post them?
    Many thanks
    hi ivar just renewing my forum membership [cosj] a little confusd over a donation as well. prepared to pay say 10e 15e once a year hope you dont mind me asking you.
    Ivar, I was just looking at the Camino Books resources page (where I'd posted the publication of "In Movement There Is Peace)
    What does the [paid] at the end of the title mean?
    Ivar where do we open a new thread ? It isn't open a new conversation is it? sorry to bother you with this but i have looked all over for it!!!
    Ivar i have lost the thread where pilgrims are posting their photographs can you direct me with the name of the thread if possible please. What a wonderful forum this is addictive much like the Camino itself. Thank you.
    sorry Ivar, but there is def. no Post New Thread box even though i appear to be on the right page-
    could this be a comp. problem ?

    I did not receive my daily forum update this morning 13-09. Was one not sent?

    Hello Ivar, Apparently I can view the Calendar, if I enter your e-mail address. Is it public?
    Please order me a Pilgrims membership badge and email me the details so that i can pay you with my credit card. Thanks
    Ivar the moment I change the country it changes everything to create an account for Paypal.
    I am on a Mac, using Firefox. I can post to existing threads, but can't start any new threads. Eg when I am on the Camino Frances page, down the bottom of the page it says: " (You have insufficient privileges to post here.)" Margaret
    Hi Ivar, I sent you another green box but much smaller than the first. Let me know when you get them please. Gracias
    Hi Ivar. You should be expecting a large green box in the mail sometime soon. I just mailed it today from Pamplona. I included my email the outside of the box, also attn: Jessica Tabayoyong. Please PM me "TabyJ" on the forum when you have received it or email me. Thank you & Gracias
    Ivar, as stated below, I would like to change my username on the forum. Presently, the user name is jkleven, and I would like to change it to "J Walker". Thank you in advance
    Hi Ivar, I would like to know if I can change my username on the forum, didn't realize I wouldn't be able to pick a 'forum' name and I hate that my actual name shows up all the time. Thanks,
    Hi Ivar, I'm having trouble replying on a thread. When I click on reply there is nowhere for me to type. I had to click your avatar so I could write something. Which reply do I use. Apologies for my lack of foresight. By the way you are simply amazing to do this, fantastic job. I've been wanting to let you know all week. Thanks Alex
    Sorry about the bad grammar in my last post. Had to do serious editing as not been made aware of 240character limit and made errors as a result. Can this be mentioned up front, or the limit increased?
    I'm a bit confused about private messages/conversations. I tried going to 'start a new conversation' in the inbox but that option wasn't offered me (or I couldn't see it). Many thanks. BTW, I really wanted to message you to find out what has happened to the 'donate to the website' link that were on the previous website design.
    Nice new look for the forum, but I got the chop! How may I re-size my profile picture? Can't remember how I did it before and can't find it now.
    looks good on my page but not when I post.
    any private accommodation in Ventosa Ivar , or what are your thoughts on albergue there and town itself.
    thanks david
    Is there a problem that you are aware of accessing the forum on the iphone app or ipad app? I keep getting a message to contact the administrator?
    The Camino de Santiago Calendar link has disappeared!
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