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    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to SarahTheKiwi's post in the thread Rain Pants? with Like Like.
      Hi - I leave SJPDP on 25 April and if you look back through my posts you will see I've been on the fence about rain pants for aggggeees! I've heard that the rain can sometimes be quite cold. I've made some compromises with other areas of my...
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to David Tallan's post in the thread want solitude with Like Like.
      While I agree that the Camino should be an inclusive experience, I'm not sure that you are demonstrating that by sending this pilgrim off to a retreat. The Camino is just as inclusive of introverts who want solitude or limited social contact as...
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to NadineK's post in the thread want solitude with Like Like.
      I've walked a bunch of Caminos and while I do love the connections I've made and some social interaction, I'm also an introvert and the alone time I get on a long walk is really important to me. I now walk a mix of more popular routes and more...
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to Vacajoe's post in the thread want solitude with Like Like.
      You can have solitude on the CF. Be the last to leave an albergue (usually around 8am) and you’ll likely have the trail completely to yourself. Spend more time in churches than in bars, pack your lunch so you can picnic solo, and choose private...
    • longlost18
      Love this! Where are your Recovering Overthinker meetings held?...(asking for a friend.)
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to Charles Ross's post in the thread Injury that ended Camino with Like Like.
      I just wanted to add some information that may be of interest to what I originally wrote above. We left on our journey on March 12th and were to return home on April 23rd. Most of our trip had nothing to do with walking a path. When we were to...
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to marcoberna's post in the thread Walking with headphones? with Like Like.
      I use bone conduction headphone since years now. I mainly walk alone and I want to be aware of the surroundings, but at the same time I'm a huge fan of audiobooks. Bone conduction is the perfect solution for me, as the ear is free and I can...
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to Bradypus's post in the thread Walking with headphones? with Like Like.
      I do expect to meet other people. When I do meet others on the way I usually greet them politely in passing and move on. When I stop for a drink or a meal or at night in the albergues I am usually happy to enter into conversation. But for me time...
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to Maurice Frank's post in the thread Hello with Like Like.
      Welcome and Buen Camino
    • longlost18
      longlost18 reacted to David's post in the thread Hello with Like Like.
      Have marvellous Camino - longlost may become newfound!
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