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Recent content by Lurch

  1. Lurch

    Bookings for July camino

    Is this expected to last thru the year?
  2. Lurch

    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    IIRC, O and A are the most common blood types. Probably more people with A and O o the Camino.
  3. Lurch

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    Jalapeno salt. What can I say, I was raised in Arizona!
  4. Lurch

    Correct Backpack Fitting and Backpack Adjustments

    At 6-7, my problem was to find a pack which didn't have a waistband around my midriff. Bought a Bergens of Norway 48 liter pack and it worked well my last Camino. The length is adjustable, but anyone under 6' would be better served with a different pack.
  5. Lurch

    Military Report on Carrying Pack-loads over distance

    Arn and I read the same book. Marshall pointed out how soldiers too heavily loaded suffered not only physical fatigue, but mental fatigue and were unable to effectively do their assigned missions. His suggestion was that, as on the Camino, packs be lightened as much as possible. While we will...
  6. Lurch

    Le Puy: it took me 60 years. Spoiler: geology

    Received my undergraduate degree in Geology. Never worked in it but that is another story. American southwest is mostly cinder cones, go to New Mexico for volcanic plugs, i.e. Shiprock. Never regretted the degree field. Every roadcut is a story unto itself!
  7. Lurch

    Indecision and questions about Camino for first time- helpful advice from pilgrims requested!

    68? Kid...I am 76, getting ready for my second Camino, and there are a bunch older than me here...go for it when you can..
  8. Lurch

    How to take trekking poles to Spain despite airline regulations...

    If flying from the States, just check them...most airlines have no baggage charge for international flights.
  9. Lurch

    The metal pedestrian bridge

    Am I remembering correctly, before the Green Monster, you come off a hill, passing the statue of the Thirsty Pilgrim, and before that the donativo lunchspot?
  10. Lurch

    Do you have blue eyes? Meet your pilgrim cousins

    My neighbor has a Husky with one blue and one brown eye, where does he fit in?
  11. Lurch

    Do you have blue eyes? Meet your pilgrim cousins

    Proud inheritor of 4% Neanderthal DNA...SEMPER CAVUS,!!
  12. Lurch

    September Frances

    Should read Leon
  13. Lurch

    September Frances

    Where I live in S. Utah the Hurricanes Uplift, about 4 miles away, goes up to 11,000 feet. Nor much by Colorado standards, but enough for me
  14. Lurch

    Keeping my fingers crossed for September.

    Looks like there will be a bunch of us here doing some walking on Caminos in September. SJPdP to Burgos for me.
  15. Lurch

    Pondering while walking

    At 76 I am a a few years behind you and hope I am still hiking when I reach 82 !