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    • malingerer
      My thoughts and prayers go to his wife and family. RIP.
    • malingerer
      malingerer reacted to OTH86's post in the thread Spring has sprung? with Like Like.
      I usually walk in the Fall, but in 2017, I walked from Logroño to Sahagun (but not the meseta) and LOVED to see the wind blowing thru the new, GREEN wheat - maybe about a foot high - not sure - absolutely lovely. I was used to seeing golden...
    • malingerer
      malingerer reacted to Kirkie's post in the thread want solitude with Like Like.
      Pay attention to all above, especially @jungleboy. Buen camino, not trail! Trail, anywhere. Camino, intentional.
    • malingerer
      I never felt special instead of ordinary but what did happen was the ordinary became special ! Samarkand.
    • malingerer
      I think I'm generally 'inspired' to walk a Camino by the Emotional and Spiritual 'freedom' that I know I will enjoy. Being away from day to day pressures and responsibilities. But the physical? Yes it's a major part of the attraction. I'm not...
    • malingerer
      I just hope you can both get over whatever’s in front of you for many years to come. Buen Camino.
    • malingerer
      malingerer reacted to eils's post in the thread News from the Camino with Like Like.
      My first SPRINGTIME days on the Camino Francés 🎉 A couple of interesting tidbits. I just left Foncebadón yesterday. See photo. By the way, it's really not busy at all on my "wave". Plenty of spare beds. 1) I passed Manjarín. It was a...
    • malingerer
      malingerer replied to the thread poems for seekers.
      Nine Sleeps I whisper to myself and then the day of the op on my eye I hope for success and afterwards with due care and aftercare I can get a special Compostela " FIT TO FLY " and my heart will find my boots and onward go...
    • malingerer
      malingerer reacted to Robo's media Breakfast in a cafe in Torremejia with Like Like.
      Breakfast in a cafe in Torremejia on the VdlP Apr 2023. Next stop Merida. This became my 'standard' breakfast, as there was often one cafe open somewhere for the locals.
      Breakfast in a cafe in Torremejia
    • malingerer
      malingerer reacted to Robo's media Between Benavente and Alija with Like Like.
      Between Benavente and Alija del Infantado on the VdlP April 2023. Along the Via Verde that is an old rail line. Lovely walking surface.
      Between Benavente and Alija
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