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    • MikeyC
      I agree with most of the above. See a doctor. Resign yourself to taking a few days rest in order to let your body restore itself. While resting, drink water. I wear mid-high boots during my Caminos, so the style of boot is not necessarily...
    • MikeyC
      Sound advice above. My own experience is that as soon as I feel a niggle or hot spot I need to stop immediately and deal with it. In the past I have pressed on, saying to myself "it's only another 1km, then I'll do it". Poor decision on my part...
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC reacted to Sheesh's post in the thread Need to buy day pack in Burgos with Like Like.
      You raised very valid points and suggestions in your post @Jodean and I apologize for the snarkiness of my response. I'm sorry.
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC replied to the thread Need to buy day pack in Burgos.
      A few years back a fellow pilgrim was sending his pack ahead and was carrying just a snack and water. I had stepped out of the albergue to check the weather. Back in reception I mentioned to him that it was a bit chilly for shorts and a shirt...
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC reacted to Jodean's post in the thread Need to buy day pack in Burgos with Like Like.
      Wow, excuse me for trying to help you with some advice. I was not being presumptious. 100s of people ask this question on FB pages and have never thought about what that weight does to their shoulders with a day pack. Just ignore my advice then...
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC reacted to kmrice's post in the thread Need to buy day pack in Burgos with Like Like.
      . . . and you got what could be a good alternative suggestion from a well meaning veteran member of the forum as well. Bonus!
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC reacted to David's post in the thread Alternatives to walking if injured with Like Like.
      Well that is pretty sad - sorry to hear that. I had to come home early last month as my old knee trauma flared badly again - can't do it any more so that was my last walking Camino (will return to do first aid with my car in future). All depends...
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC replied to the thread Re: Current Lunch Prices.
      As I am prone to the odd blister or two (hence I now routinely wear sandals) I'm in the market for some miraculous feet. 🤣
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC replied to the thread The Chickens.....
      We passed through Santo Domingo mid afternoon on the 11th and festivities were in full swing. The main street was full of stalls and hundreds of people and families, many with red neckerchiefs. The photo is a snap from the coach as a bug of some...
      • 1000036569.jpg
    • MikeyC
      MikeyC replied to the thread Stage 28.
      More than likely given how many use these two guides. i.e. Triacastela to Sarria. My Michelin guide has O Cebreiro to Triacastela as its Stage 28 though.
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