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  1. mrbillyto

    Wi-Fi or no WiFi?

    Well said Vagabondette. I'm not sure why it would matter to one pilgrim if another pilgrim wanted or needed to stay connected. Isn't each pilgrim there to make their pilgrimage their way? If that means taking 45 days or 31, visiting each church or not, walking alone or in a small group or...
  2. mrbillyto

    Hotel in St Jean

    I would be very cautious about emailing a credit card number, even in multiple emails.
  3. mrbillyto

    First Time Pilgrim planing 2011

    Just a thought Grayland, the subject line does say "planning 2011" so perhaps they haven't started their great adventure yet?
  4. mrbillyto

    St Jean to Santiago seen by an atheist

    Thank you Bjørn! All of your pictures are amazing and many are truly stunning! I walked my Camino Sep/Oct 2009 and took a lot of pictures. While we took many of the same shots, I cannot believe some of the ones you took. WOW! Thank you for sharing them with us. I wouldn't change any of...
  5. mrbillyto

    Hospitalero Training Canada 2010

    Thanks Rebekah, This is great info. There is talk of another training session in the Spring 2011 too. Probably just a typo but the link is: Bill
  6. mrbillyto

    THE WAY - premieres Sept. 10 Toronto Film Festival

    I know there are several reviews out but I wanted to add my 2 cents worth. I really, really enjoyed the movie :D . That said, I am going to have to see it again when it is released. I know what the story line was but I think I spent a great deal of time watching the scenery and recognizing a...
  7. mrbillyto

    THE WAY - premieres Sept. 10 Toronto Film Festival

    Yesterday was the "premiere" and I couldn't get tickets for it. Martin Sheen and Emilio were scheduled to be in attendance for that showing. It is showing again today (11Sep) as well. Maybe they will stick around for the 19th of September showing which is when I have tickets for. I will keep...
  8. mrbillyto

    warm clothes for sept/oct

    Hi Timid, I did my Camino early September to early October 2009 and for the first couple of weeks (it was easily above 30C by mid day the first week), I would start out with short sleeved shirts and shorts. As it got to be around the 3rd week of September, I was starting out with a long sleeved...
  9. mrbillyto

    SJPDP vs Roncesvalles & getting there from Canada

    Hi B.J. I certainly don't mean to contradict Valleyo in their earlier post but, it was actually cheaper to fly to Paris or Madrid this year. I have been keeping an eye on the flights to all 3 destinations London, Paris and Madrid (on Air Transat from Toronto) for the past couple of months...
  10. mrbillyto

    Lot's of questions from newbie, please help!

    Best of luck on your Camino too John! I hope yours is as thoroughly rewarding mine was. Bill
  11. mrbillyto

    Lot's of questions from newbie, please help!

    Dear fellow Canadian! I walked the Camino Frances last September and as everyone else, can only answer your questions based on my personal experience. 1) I flew in and out of Paris. I stayed overnight in Paris on the way over and caught the trains to SJPdP. I was able to tour around Paris...
  12. mrbillyto

    Weather in September? Sleeping bag or liner?

    I cannot imagine you needing a sleeping bag during the time you said you will be walking. A liner should be OK plus quite a bit lighter. I walked most of Sep 09 and didn't need a sleeping bag. As for fleece/windbreaker/poncho...during the first part of your walk, you will probably only need...
  13. mrbillyto

    September or October

    I started on Sept 5th, 2009 from SJPdP and it was mostly warm and dry for the first 3 (ish) weeks. The last week (first week of Oct) was cooler and wetter. In my opinion, it is a great time to walk the Camino. Bill
  14. mrbillyto

    prepaid SIM card im Madrid (airport or city?)

    I also purchased my SIM card in Pamplona at Vodafone in September 2009. Like Falcon, mine cost about 15euro and I lucked in and actually got a clerk who wanted to speak English. She filled out the forms and I needed my passport as well. I then just purchased prepaid top-up cards as I required...