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    • musicman
      musicman reacted to t2andreo's post in the thread Bar etiquette with Like Like.
      Good breeding shows. Remember, you are likely a guest in a foreign country. Be a good guest.
    • musicman
      musicman reacted to Jodean's post in the thread Bar etiquette with Like Like.
      I return my cups and glasses in Frankfurt quite often, and I did it in Spain quite often too. Especially in the small places where only 1, maybe 2 people were working. Always got a Gracias in return. Is it needed? No, but just something nice to do.
    • musicman
      musicman reacted to Telelama's post in the thread Bar etiquette with Like Like.
      If the bar is busy, sure I'll bring them to the bar regardless if I might look a bit daft. It's the nice, kind thing to do. Also, have worked in restaurants for many, many years. In our view, it's always appreciated.
    • musicman
      musicman reacted to davejsy's post in the thread Bar etiquette with Like Like.
      I do the same, it is certainly not expected but often welcomed. It is unlikely you will ever see locals doing it (not that is a negative per se) as it is not expected by the bar owners. Well done to you though as it's a very thoughtful gesture...
    • musicman
      musicman reacted to John Sikora's post in the thread Bar etiquette with Like Like.
      I always do it. Seems like just a nice thing to do. Most of the bars that I went into didn't have a lot of help and I don't mind doing a little bit to help keep them in business. You certainly don't get rich running a bar in the small towns that...
    • musicman
      musicman replied to the thread Bar etiquette.
      It’s what Pelegrinos do😄
    • musicman
      musicman replied to the thread Hotels along the way -.
      Hola, I have organised personal and group Caminos for a number of years ,always using this method. First work out your overnight stops. Look at Gronze / Brierley’s guide for accommodation suggestions in your chosen locations. Use Booking.com (...
    • musicman
      Buen Camino. - hope it’s not too warm.
    • musicman
      musicman replied to the thread want solitude.
      Perhaps you would prefer “ sombre”.
    • musicman
      musicman reacted to jungleboy's post in the thread want solitude with Like Like.
      There are other routes that are similar in length to the Francés but with much more solitude. For example, the Vía de la Plata sounds like it could be what you’re looking for. Look up some alternative routes and see if you find something that...
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