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Recent content by Paulo Arantes

  1. Spring on Camino Frances

    Spring on Camino Frances

  2. Thanks a lot all of you...

    Thanks a lot all of you...

    I started walking last week and I can tell you it would not be this perfect if it wasn't for this forum. Thank you for all the support. It is being an amazing Camino.
  3. Paulo Arantes

    Please Help. Last Minute Doubt

    To all who will start walking next week. The weather forecast on the Napoleon route was predicting some rain from Wednesday next week to Sunday. This forecast has been changing the last few days and now it predicts cloudy weather with less than 10% chance of rain!!! So we'll probably have the...
  4. Paulo Arantes

    Please Help. Last Minute Doubt

    Thanks Joe, my concern was if I would stay at Orisson or if I would have to take the Valcarlos route already on the first day. But you're right, I'll try not to worry at all and deal with the situation as it happens. Thanks again. Buen Camino.
  5. Paulo Arantes

    Please Help. Last Minute Doubt

    Hi pilgrims, I am planning to split my first day (leaving from SJPdP) and staying in Orisson. If the route Napoleon is closed, can I stay at Orisson and the next day check if it will open, and if not, walk to Roncevalles through the Valcarlos route?! Would I have to go all way back to SJPdP to...
  6. Paulo Arantes

    Dangers of Walking Poles

    I strongly agree with Tom. The most important thing on using poles is using the straps correctly and I prefer the ones you can adjust the lengh of it, so you can use it a little longer when going downhill and a little shorter when going uphill. I´ve seen A LOT of people that bought their poles...
  7. Paulo Arantes

    Camino Frances in April 2017

    Hi there! I'll be leaving SJPdP on april 14th, I know it is later than you but I was thinking... will any of you post any news on the first days you start your walk?! Because if you will, I'd like to know what are the conditions on the the CF on Napoleon Route... I'd like to wald the Napoleon...
  8. Paulo Arantes

    Backpack as Checked baggage

    Well, I am going on my first camino in april but in my experience with previous travels, I will no t check my backpack (no way I will risk losing it) and I will have my trekking poles and my swiss army pocket knife wrapped in plastic and checked, as they are not allowed on board.
  9. Paulo Arantes

    Thoroughly depressing

    Well, I am going to walk the Camino Frances on April/May 2017 and the most important preparation I've been doing is trying to act natural if I have to wake up and walk on the rain everyday. If I get prepared for that, anything I get on the camino is more than expected...
  10. Paulo Arantes

    Camino frances detour to Ourense

    I've been hearing a lot about the last 100 km from Ourense to Santiago (the last 100 km ou Via de la Plata). Since I will walk with time to spare, would it be worth it to walk from Sarria (or other city close to it) to Ourense to walk the last 100 km to Santiago instead of the final 100 km on...
  11. Paulo Arantes

    What's the Camino routine - 1st time on pilgrimage

    Thank you very much for the advice!!! That is exactly my objective.
  12. Paulo Arantes

    What's the Camino routine - 1st time on pilgrimage

    Wow!!! Great!!! We can share the kitchen and I'll teach you a little about brazilian cuisine...
  13. Paulo Arantes

    278 041 pilgrims got their Compostelas in 2016

    You might want to take a look at this graph then... https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/camino-photos/geeks-only-2.5739/
  14. Paulo Arantes

    What's the Camino routine - 1st time on pilgrimage

    You're right! When I first created my profile I was thinking on doing VDLP... I'll change it now. Thank you.
  15. Paulo Arantes

    What's the Camino routine - 1st time on pilgrimage

    So, leaving the luggage on the bed is a no no... is there any other kind of "faux pas" I should be aware of so I don't bother the host or other pilgrims??? (other than the regular. I won't make noise in the morning, leave things ready for when I'm leaving, etc). Is there a Camino etiquete guide?