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      I was walking on this part of the trail at around 8 am this morning. I noticed some strange materials along the path (some condoms, a pornographic picture, a pair of male underwear). The path is sometimes littered with this kind of stuff but...
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      RNTYE reacted to K_Lynn's post in the thread Diversity on the Camino with Like Like.
      There's an article on BBC today regarding diversity in hiking that fits in nicely with this thread. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20240109-the-hiking-groups-tackling-racism-in-nature
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      RNTYE reacted to AussieSunnygirl's post in the thread Madrid to Pamplona with Like Like.
      If you take the train departing Madrid at 10:00am for Pamplona, be aware that you will not be able to reach SJPdP via bus on the same day. The only train leaving Madrid to reach Pamplona in time to make it to one and only bus service for the day...
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      Hello! I tried listening to music during my pilgrimage and I couldn’t, as in I had no desire. Whenever I attempted to listen I’d quickly turn it off. I found more satisfying in listening to the sounds of the Camino.
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      RNTYE reacted to Bob Howard's post in the thread Madrid to Pamplona with Like Like.
      The 8:00 am flight would get you to Pamplona in time for the noon bus to SJPDP. The train or bus from MAD arrives later in the afternoon. Iberia flights leave from T1. Without checked bags to pick up on arrival , you should be able to easily make...
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      RNTYE reacted to Scott Fraser's post in the thread Madrid to Pamplona with Like Like.
      It once took me three hours to get a checked bag from Iberia at MAD. If you’re not checking anything you can probably make it. At that hour of the morning clearing into Spain doesn’t take more than 30-40 minutes. If you check a bag…..???
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      RNTYE reacted to neverlost4good's post in the thread Madrid to Pamplona with Like Like.
      Be careful of flying: my friend had her poles confiscated when flying within Spain (not allowed unless checked). Also, I have had my flight to Pamplona canceled because there weren't enough passengers, and I was rebooked on the next flight (6...
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      RNTYE reacted to jfgough's post in the thread Madrid to Pamplona with Like Like.
      I arrived in Madrid from the US at about 6:30 am. I booked a train from Atocha to Pamplona around 1030 to give myself time to get through arrivals and get to Atocha. Realistically I could have taken an earlier train since it didn't take too long...
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      RNTYE replied to the thread Madrid to Pamplona.
      I will piggyback on this post since the original question was part of my question as well. If my flight arrives in Madrid at 5:40 am, can I realistically make a connecting flight to Pamplona at 8 am? I will not be checking my backpack. Or should...
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