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    Brierley Guide ????

    I like the wise pulgrim app. The elevation guide is great, it weighs nothing, it would be great if the elevation would open to your current location..... I think it is all you need. N
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    Grenwich meridian

    Wow just came back to my post today and realized that it had really taken off. Thanks for all the imformative and amusing content. Really enjoyed reading through it. Glad to see that I am not the only one curious about it....
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    Grenwich meridian

    I think I may have found a question that hasn't been asked before. ( is that possible??) Where does the grenwich meridian cross the Camino Frances. Is it marked. I must have passed it without realizing it....
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    First blister

    Toe condoms please explain! It that why I have 27 toes and counting..... Forgot the toe condoms!
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    First blister

    Love the way you call it your first blister. Iike a first child or first date....
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    Pianos in Albergue (HELP)

    Could you not carry your piano. Would probably be lighter than some bags coming out of sjpdp
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    Leaving on my first Camino in the morning & I'm terrified. Please help!

    Yes , I have a physiotherapist friend and he is so busy before the city marathon and no as busy afterwards with all the niggles just before the off. Best of luck
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    Good Sleeping Quality Brainstorm

    If there is only one snorer. Breath in time with them... Works for me...
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    Aluminum backpack stays and TSA

    Departure from sdc is a no no for walking poles
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    Last minute wobbles

    Absolutely, conversely if you take out your brierly guide and leave it on the table, I find that's the It means I'm open for a chat. I've found it always works.
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    If you have time left try experimenting with the straps. Changing the weight ratios from shoulder to hip or vise versa can make all the difference.
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    What to do with an extra few days

    If you had the time I'd head to Porto too.just chilling around outside that cathedral is good too sdc is good for a day but you will have seen it all n aday
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    Primitivo Weather... what was yours like?

    And... I'm thinking of doing it this years how busy accommodation wise
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    Second Camino: the lessons I learnt every day

    Love 31 and 32. The only antidote for camnoitis is being on it!
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    Give us a Gift!!

    Vegetables. No sorry chips, and potatoes are not vegetables where dinner is concerned they are carbs. I'm talking fresh vegetables.

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