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  • This is the Credencial's first page with a small red angel, I think added to stamp issued by Pilgrims Office in SJPDP. APPARENTLY NOT EVERYONE GETS THIS LITTLE RED STAMP IN ADDITION.
    The above post is meant for S Yates.
    Last Wednesday afternoon at your home was so very wonderful. I loved being with You, Miska, Allan ( alias David) and Fred. It was a lovely service, an awesome meal and wonderful Fellowship. I hope to see you this afternoon.
    How does one start a "thread"? or start a conversation? Haven't figured it out yet ... chaos here at the house ... both, literally and figuratively ... am cleaning up ... getting rid of old furniture, empty boxes, expired meds, etc, etc
    there is another question I've been somewhat embarrassed to ask ... what about bathrooms along the Camino? how ... frequent ... are they? are there "porta-potties" every few Km? i have a weird metabolism ... I also eat quite a bit during physical activities (such as hiking) ...
    Hello? I've been meaning to ask also ... regarding personal cooking on the El Camino Frances, is this frowned upon? I mean "by the roadside" cooking ... What about preparing a coffee by the roadside? am I going to get into trouble if I do that? Haven't seen anyone do that on the youtube videos.

    @jay quintero Not frowned about at all (as long as you keep fire safety in mind!) but not really necessary as many albergues have kitchens. I never take cooking gear on the Camino ... Buen Camino, SY
    SYates I have not been able to figure out how to send you a private message. Anyway will be in Santiago in two weeks. Would love to meet you. Are you still meeting us pilgrims at your house?
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    Yes, the meet-up takes place at my place Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:00 ;-) As for sending me a private message, just click on my name and then click on "Start Conversation". Looking forward to meeting you and Buen Camino, SY
    Hi SYates, do you live in SdC or Prague?
    Read your book recently. It was left in our hostel a few weeks ago. It was actually a library book from California, which puzzled me, because the only two Americans we had that night were from Texas and Oklahoma. But I had no way to contact either of them, so I gave it to an American librarian who said she would try to return it through via the inter-library loan network.
    Love the website but not sure about the "fossil" bit :eek:)

    Best wishes for your new venture and, who knows, Next Year in Santiago!
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    Many thanks and yes - Next Year in Santiago ;-)
    AND by the way...
    Think about another book, please, just purely fun with lots and lots of stories and anecdotes. May not sell as well, but easy to write and self publish for your fans. Count me as one of them!
    Got your book and really enjoyed it. Thanks. (I'll pass on the iodine and syringe situation and wear good socks and trail hiking shoes well broken in, thank you. Maybe your intent was to scare us out of getting a blister... It worked.) Thanks!
    Hi SYates I love hearing of your experiences on the Camino.I have felt a rising impulse to walk a winter Camino Frances,I'm attracted to its seclusion and quiet.I was interested in your posts documenting your recent winter Camino.However i could only find posts of the first half of your walk? Did you get to Santiago?
    I was also wondering if you could give me advice re:weather, pack,open albergues,etc? Thanks :)
    Hi currently walking the Camino and your updates have been a massive help! But I'm in Fromista and have reached the end. Do you have any additional postings about what is beyond from here. Thanks so much and hope you are enjoying your Camino!
    I've just discovered you on this forum. Your book was the first one I read on the Camino. It was so useful. I'm following your advice (even bought the boots you recommend) and am really grateful for it. Thank you so much.
    Please send me any questions/messages you have via a PM/private conversation! Still not getting the the hang of profile posts and how to respond to them ...
    Being me, sort of lazy, not to well trained, afraid of getting robbed...I am eager of walking a camino, maybe in september october: Is it a good idea to try "Caminho Portugues de la Costa"?
    (But no albuerges for me, after walking a whole day I want a quiet hotel, also beacause my terrible snoring, a documented problem...)
    Do I have a negative attitude?
    Not quite sure how to send you a pm… But just want to say it's great that you know Jose Ignacio!! Such a colourful character… and really lovely: he sent me a wonderful Christmas message, 6 months after I'd last seen him - how does he find the time?? Btw, did you also do a stint in Logrono?
    I have mistakenly called you Sylvia, I think :) Just last night in APOC, someone said that they had your book and Brierly's, and I mentioned I had both too, and someone else did. I appreciate you so much. Just wanted to send some love your way.
    Greetings, I saw your post last year inquiring as to the correct address/postal code for lista de correos mail delivery in Santiago. What address/postal code did you use and was it successful? Thanks!
    Thanks a lot! I hope you like it and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send me a pm ;-) SY
    Hi - thank you for the tip about
    Pilgrim Tips & Packing List Camino de Santiago 2013-08-13

    I have ordered both the hard copy and one for my Kindle :)
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