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    • syug
      syug replied to the thread Single room auberge accommodation.
      Hi @lavender girl don't worry about it. Many albergues and hostels have private rooms. Go to the website Forwalk. It lists albergues, the cost per room and gives contact information. If the albergue is on booking .com the link will be there. If...
    • syug
      I used Forwalk App (it's free). It is a great tool with maps, information about the different stages with markets, services and a list of accommodation. It will tell you how far off the Camino an accommodation is. You can also check reviews and...
    • syug
      syug replied to the thread Places to stay in o pino.
      I loved Pr Una Estrella Dorada. You can find accommodations and contacts on Forwalk webpage https://app.forwalk.org/2/1/en/10/t-4/s-t-4/?i=a-3536&r=2024-5-24-1-1#-8.361269/42.904705/14.905638/180
    • syug
      syug reacted to Lexicos's post in the thread Lucca to Rome - Should I? with Like Like.
      Thank you syug. That’s exactly what I’m looking for, what you describe. I’ve been to Italy a few times but not for a long hike. It is one of my favorite places and I do love the art and architecture. I have the Cicerone guide, Part 3 and I am...
    • syug
      syug replied to the thread Lucca to Rome - Should I?.
      Hi @Lexicos. Lucca/Rome It is one of the Via Francigena's most beautiful stages. You will walk in the heart of Tuscany, across beautiful rolling hills, stopping in beautiful medieval villages (Monteriggini, San Gimignano..) and famous cities of...
    • syug
      syug replied to the thread Camino Aragones - app ?.
      Forwalk app has Aragonès Way https://app.forwalk.org/2/6/en/21/#-4.5/42.6/6.8/180
    • syug
      Yes, it's doable. You can walk as far and as fast as you want, the route it's plenty of places to stay. Forwalk divides the way into 31 stages (25/30 km per day). It really depends on how much you are able to walk in a day and be comfortable...
    • syug
      syug replied to the thread Norte albergue.
      @sunnydays In San Sebastian I suggest you Koba Hostel and in Zarautz Bai Bai Hostel. I book in advance. Take a look at Forwalk, You will get information about the different stages and a list of accommodation along the Way. It will tell you how...
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