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Recent content by Tony Murray

  1. Tony Murray

    COVID What documents are needed for the CF?

    Hi to all, I am traveling to SJPP in early September. I will be flying from Dublin to Biarritz so will be landing in France. But of course within a day I will be in Spain. When I look at the information for traveling to Spain, the official web site only provides details for air and sea...
  2. Tony Murray

    Red Hearts in Brierley's Guide Book

    I have noticed that a small red heart appears on some maps in Brierley's Camino Francés guidebook. For example map 22 just below Cruceiro. Does anyone know if this symbolises a location he likes or that a defibrillator available at that spot?
  3. Tony Murray

    Are you thinking to walk the Camino (the way of the Saint James) again?

    Absolutely, but my second time was even better than my first and my 3rd was just amazing. But I am slightly worried about trying to relive it on my 4th in June. Buen Camino
  4. Tony Murray

    Are you thinking to walk the Camino (the way of the Saint James) again?

    Like all the others the Camino is with me every day. I go to sleep most night reliving my time on the Camino. I am heading back for the 4th time in June and have a count-down calendar on my office wall. It is not that I am wishing my life away it is more that it motivates me to keep training. I...
  5. Tony Murray

    Short first Day? CF

    Hi Sue, one thing to keep in mind on your first day it that it puts real pressure on the calfs of your legs. I did a simple exercise for about 4 weeks, prior to beginning my Camino, to stretch my muscles. Stand on a step or stair on your toes. Gently drop your heal down as far as you can go...
  6. Tony Murray

    A 'One Word' Why?

    Interesting idea would love to see the presentation My one word(s) are: Absence (the absence of choice--one road/black or white coffee--is a great freedom) Questions (there are not answers on the Camino only questions) Time (time to mentally detox, reflect and appreciate) Ego (the Camino is a...
  7. Tony Murray

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    Hi Bruce, I agree with Benny, I had the same problem with poles coming from Ireland. I found that I could buy an inexpensive set in SJPP. They were less than the cost of putting them in the hold of the airplane. Once finished with them I just left them behind. It is a toss of a coin whether you...
  8. Tony Murray

    Completing the French Way in 28 days

    I followed Derek too. Being from Ireland I was particularly interested in his experience. I heard him on a radio interview recently ( Keep in mind that he is [almost] a...
  9. Tony Murray

    Completing the French Way in 28 days

    The Camino is not a race (against others or yourself ). I am planning my 4th Camino in June. I have being doing it in stages. First I cycled it from Leon, then for the past two years walking from SJPP. This year I plan to walk it from Leon to SdC. But I can truly say it is not about getting...
  10. Tony Murray

    Biarritz to SJPP in the evening

    Hi Mister H, while I see your point about two nights in SJPP I am not sure it is worth it. Yes if you are getting off a long haul flight and you need to catch up with sleep. But is you are staying in a albergue, sleep does not come easy. You may also be pumped up and excited so it is difficult...
  11. Tony Murray

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    Hi Bruce, My medical packing list for this year will be something like this: Vasilane (so something similar) for my feet, one roll of tape for feet (before hot-spots form), 3-5 foot plasters, Panadol or Ibuprofen. Sun block. Anything I will buy on the way. I discovered that the weight of my...
  12. Tony Murray

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    I know everyone has different advice but I think you are way overdoing it. I dumped so much stuff on my first Camino. Even last year (my 3rd one) I still had too much to carry. I had a lot of "just in case" items. The light and power pack are very heavy. A friend of mine dumped his power pack...
  13. Tony Murray

    Biarritz to SJPP in the evening

    If you do it the way you have stated you will loose a day --maybe that's ok. I booked the expressbourricot from the airport to SJPP. Four others who were on the same flight from Dublin had pre-booked too, so the cost was just 19€--great value. If you do it this way, my advice is to explore SJPP...
  14. Tony Murray

    Who else is walking late June through July?

    My advice is simple. If you are using the John Brierley book try to stay away from the towns on the top and bottom of each page. They tend to be very busy. Aim for the middle of each page. Less facilities but often more 'Camino'. It might be a bit late now but, try booking Orrision for your...
  15. Tony Murray

    Pre-Camino Jitters...

    Hi PastorCat, I have just finished 8 days on the Camino(last year I cycled it). It was one of the best experiences of my longish life (63). So what made is so great? Firstly; the people I met. You have no idea what awaits you, but be assured if you are open to amazing conversations, to giving...