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Recent content by TSchulen

  1. TSchulen

    Another The Way Filming Location Query

    Could it have been a movie prop? One of the things that struck me when I re-watched the movie post Camino - They made it seem like the trail was not well marked. Having him walk across open fields and asking for directions, etc. The route seems a lot easier to follow than the movie showed...
  2. TSchulen

    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    From the context of the movie, it looks like it's between Cruz de Ferro and O'Cebreiro - although there are some scenes filmed out of sequence. I remember walking through a few cemetery / chapels like this along the way. I'm not sure if they were parish churches though.
  3. TSchulen

    Your one picture that captures how you feel about being on the Camino!

    Time Traveler? Good to know people will still be walking the Camino in 2106 :-)
  4. TSchulen

    Bladder vs water bottle

    I used a water bladder for 35 days on the CF with no issues. Empty and rinse at the end of each day, then refill at night. It's easy to use while walking and doesn't take that long to refill in the rare cases you run low. I also carried a separate bottle, but didn't fill it until midway...
  5. TSchulen

    Boston, USA to Paris or Madrid?

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend flying from the US and starting the Camino on the same day you arrive. The flight I took from Boston would have put us in SJPdP mid afternoon (We ended up staying a few days in Pamplona first). I would recommend spending a night in Saint Jean - See the town...
  6. TSchulen

    Boston, USA to Paris or Madrid?

    If you are starting from Saint Jean Pied de Port, I would suggest looking for flights into Pamplona - no need to stop in Spain first. I flew out of Boston last September, stopped in Munich, then on to Pamplona. The Bus runs several times a day at that year to SJPdP. Pick a return flight from...
  7. TSchulen

    Where have all the witches gone?

    Last year on the CF
  8. TSchulen

    The ’Real World’ - consensus reality or The Camino

    Wow! It's been almost a year to the day that I got back from my first Camino and I'm still processing the experience. While nobody has come out and said "Get back to reality", there is a sense of "Camino Life" and "Non-Camino Life". Reading this post has given me a sudden realization - I feel...
  9. TSchulen

    'Hard' is a state of mind. Discuss.

    I think what's often missing from a response is context. Is the CF hard from SJPdP? Yes, if you want to do it in 20 days, probably not if you're going to do it in 45. Age, weather, time of year, relative fitness / training, and KM per day all help provide context to the answer. I would never...
  10. TSchulen

    Protein bars yes or no?

    ...Because some of us like the taste of hyper-processed plastic-wrapped pseudo-food more than nuts. With that said, I think the important points of this thread are: 1) There is generally enough good food on the Camino so that you won't need to depend on packing 2 cases of cliff bars to avoid...
  11. TSchulen

    Protein bars yes or no?

    Just realized this post is over a year old. For anyone looking for advice though - People are correct, 99% of the time you will find all you need on the Camino. There is no need to bring protein bars as meal supplements. However, as some have pointed out, sooner or later you may find yourself...
  12. TSchulen

    No Compostela for You!

    At some point, won't it make sense to just give a stamp and have the credential serve as the compostella? If people want certificates they can buy them in a shop.
  13. TSchulen

    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    I disagree with the statement that today's work was being done today. The PO didn't stay open until the last pilgrim got their compostella. They would have had to cut the line off somewhere and say come back tomorrow. The tickets at least avoid having people stand in line, only to be told...
  14. TSchulen

    Pilgrim office statistics

    I think the lesson learned for future pilgrims during "Peak" seasons - Don't expect to arrive in Santiago and get your compostella the same day. Allow a day (or 2) in town to insure you'll get processed.