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A selection of favorite albergues on the Camino Francés February 2016 version

Favorite Albergues along the Camino Frances

  1. Ton van Tilburg
    Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 15.06.46.png

    Albergues on the Camino Francés

    There are over 350 albergues along the camino. And the number is increasing every year. In this summary a selection has been made of the most favorite albergues, based on the reviews from previous year's pilgrims. These reviews were found on German, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish websites and forums as well as in guides such as 'the', 'das gelbe Heft' from the Jakobsfreunde Paderborn,
    the Camino Francés from the Confraternity of St. James etc. It is well to say that I have been standing on the shoulders of many others.

Recent Updates

  1. February 2016 Update
  2. March 2015 Update
  3. Updted July 2014

Recent Reviews

  1. BoWalk
    Version: February 2016 version
    The map enhance visual of the Albergues. It is an excellent guide for my camino this May 2017. Thank you.
  2. MauraO
    Version: February 2016 version
    This is a wonderful support for when we're meandering the challenges of The Way.
  3. Tim Greig
    Tim Greig
    Version: February 2016 version
    There are many pretty awful Albergues so staying in a recommended place really improves your Camino experience. I would add the Albergue Amanecer in Villarmentero de Campos which is a lovely rural Albergue in a small village with geese, donkeys etc in the grounds and a beautiful atmosphere. Communal evening meal with vegetarian option.
  4. Chito
    Version: February 2016 version
    Having this list was very helpful to me on my 2016 Spring Camino Frances. Thank you.
  5. Pepita
    Version: February 2016 version
  6. Valv
    Version: February 2016 version
    Excellent up-to-date information about albergues plus useful maps all in one place
  7. Gareth Griffith
    Gareth Griffith
    Version: February 2016 version
    I used this resource this year for the majority of my accommodation all the way from SJPdP to Santiago and there were no times that i thought " why am i am in this dive?" A fellow pilgrim that I bumped into in Santiago told me that he and his brother had stayed in several dives.
    Several fellow pilgrims started asking me where I was heading too the following night and followed my lead. I was often thanked for recommending a particular place.
    It is impossible to stop at all the recommended places and sometimes it means a longer walk or cutting the day short to stay at a highly thought of Albergue.
    However, I must get in touch with the Black Dog because there are three more Albergues that should be in there! Two are new and another a hidden gem!
  8. Suzanne Haberfield
    Suzanne Haberfield
    Version: February 2016 version
    Many thanks for compiling a most useful tool!
  9. Tommybhoy
    Version: February 2016 version
    A comprehensive and very important albergue guide for my first Camino in September. Many Thanks!
  10. Vernon Taranto Jr
    Vernon Taranto Jr
    Version: February 2016 version
    Very useful.
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