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Shampoo and Conditioner Bars 2024-01-16

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My shop is now back open: La Rioja Soap Company

If you place an order, drop me a note here and I'll give you a Camino discount.

Right now I have citrus scented shampoo and lemongrass scented conditioner. Will make some with other scents (or no scent) shortly.
I only ship to the US, but if you live somewhere else, I can do a little research and try to find you a local source.

ONE shampoo or conditioner bar will last as long as THREE bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner.

The bars come in separate small, very lightweight tins with a soapsaver pad. After use, I recommend turning the tin upside down, putting the soapsaver pad on top and then the bar, to dry. Ziploc bags are NOT a good way to carry these bars.
One of these bars should last you longer than a month.

Shampoo Bar: Many of us got used to commercial liquid shampoos that call themselves “moisturizing” or even “conditioning” and make your hair feel smooth even before you use conditioner. That’s because they often contain silicones and other ingredients that can build up on your hair. This shampoo bar is made with just gentle cleansers at the correct pH for your hair, because it is a Shampoo, not a Conditioner. I recommend using the conditioner bar after the shampoo.

Conditioner Bar: Some of the ingredients in this conditioner bar are: babassu or coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, Abyssinian or argan oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, bamboo extract and Vitamin E. A little goes a long way and they last a very long time.

(I also make soap that is gentle, sudsy, long-lasting and is good for washing the body and handwashing clothes while traveling. I'm re-building my soap inventory now, so there is a wait for those.)

I also make these with 1.5% zinc pyrithione, for those who need this (I make em for my daughter).

I don't do this for "a living." The ingredients for shampoo and conditioner bars are expensive and the process is complicated; that dictates my prices and my goal is to break even. I like making these for myself and I like to have the opportunity to provide them for others.
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  1. More info for Canadians

    I did just send shampoo and conditioner bars to David Tallan in Canada, but the shipping charge...

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A great initiave, good products

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