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  1. ManyMiles2Go

    Frustrating, irritating, and annoying pictures on this forum.

    Just a FYI, the Super Bowl is what sits in my cupboard and is used exclusively for ice cream. It it much larger than you standard soup bowl. Mine also includes a Super Spoon.
  2. ManyMiles2Go

    First Pilgrim of 2021.... Sara?!?!?!

    LOL, I like this. Good thing you are not Catholic, as a Catholic, you do not get "credit" for future sins :)
  3. ManyMiles2Go

    Seize the day and Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Still at work, but watching the clock :)
  4. ManyMiles2Go

    Walking Bayonne to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Yes, @Monasp says it is open from 1st April until 31st October, but the OP is walking in May, so she said it would be open in May :)
  5. ManyMiles2Go

    Walking the Camino Frances multiple times - why?

    Don't know what you are talking about, but I do recall a certain CD that I had to buy 3 of because I wore the first 2 out. . .
  6. ManyMiles2Go

    Getting to Know the ADT

    You are absolutely correct, Karl!! My bad for not even doing the math. Maybe this will be something to look into then, providing I can get 8 months off work :) No worries, could always do in stages as some do on the Camino.
  7. ManyMiles2Go

    Merry Christmas to you all

    Merry Christmas David and to all on the forum :)
  8. ManyMiles2Go

    Getting to Know the ADT

    The total miles on the trail are about 6800, but there is a northern route and a southern route, according to their website. The northern route is 4834 miles and the southern route is 5057 miles. And yes it is expensive, according to "Gottawalk", they spent over $17,000 on their 231 day...
  9. ManyMiles2Go

    LIVE from the Camino When you find yourself on the camino in high heels and pen skirt

    Who says you can't just start walking? In fact, I think I might just. . . .
  10. ManyMiles2Go

    Forced Booking Cancellations

    I think all times he said "Booking" (notice Capital B), was our hint :)
  11. ManyMiles2Go

    What would you do?

    I agree that you should do #3 with the daughters. . . and send #2 to me, I will use it :)
  12. ManyMiles2Go

    Why the hurry?

    When my wife and I walked the camino from SJPP to Santiago a few years back, we took 34 days (33 days walking and 1 rest day) which is EXACTLY how long that camino should take IMO :) (And NO, we did not follow the Brierley guide). But in the interest of this Forum Family, I will undertake the...
  13. ManyMiles2Go

    Collecting a list of cash-machine / ATM fees in Spain

    Hate to bust your bubble :), but I had my card eaten by a Santander ATM when we were leaving Carrion de los Condes back in 2013. That was at 7 AM and we waited until the bank opened at 8:30. We were told they could not get our card back. Luckily, we had my wife's card for the duration of the...
  14. ManyMiles2Go

    start walking from Irun at 3pm?

    Well, put a "reserved" sign on your bed when you leave, then @musicianary will have a bed waiting on him :)
  15. ManyMiles2Go

    Hidden treasure lies beneath the hills of Galicia

    Found it on Google maps. Their website is centrodeperegrinacion.es and their phone number is +34 981 59 72 22. Hope this helps :)
  16. ManyMiles2Go

    Do THEY speak English ? Clues ? ?

    Plus the fact that a lot of English words are actually already words in another language. Would make it easier :)
  17. ManyMiles2Go

    Weight, and how its discussion is terrifying me.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, after a few days of walking, I hardly knew my pack was on my back.
  18. ManyMiles2Go

    Weight, and how its discussion is terrifying me.

    I remember getting ready for my Camino and reading everything on this forum. When I read about the 10% rule, I knew I was over that, so I just ate alot before I left. Problem solved :) Seriously, I did not concern myself with the 10% rule, I just took what I thought was needed. After 5...
  19. ManyMiles2Go

    Spiritual pilgrimage

    Best advice I got on blisters was from my Uncle who walked the entire AT here in the US. Take your shoes AND socks off every hour. Even if you take them off and put them right back on. Your socks will "bunch up" while you are walking and that will create friction. Walked the entire Camino...
  20. ManyMiles2Go

    Teens - I’m Disheartened and Grouchy

    Annie, are you sure they were not just gnomes dressed up like American teens (just to give us Americans a bad name?) Don't laugh, I've seen this happen before. . . . wait, I have to go, my meds are coming. . .

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