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  1. BoyRoger

    Plans later in the Year? It is "Who knows?" Time

    What happens after someone has had the virus, mild in most cases apparently, can they return to normal life including walking ?
  2. BoyRoger

    Airline refund on cancellation ?

    I was surprised when easyJet contacted me by email to tell me my fights were cancelled and offering a refund or change booking. I took the refund and it was so easy on their website.
  3. BoyRoger

    To book or not to book ?

    Thanks everybody for your advise. I think I will leave just the first and last booked for now and see how it is when I get there. Booking one or two days ahead seems like the best plan but if I find it very quiet I won't bother to book.
  4. BoyRoger

    To book or not to book ?

    I am starting my Camino on 24th March from Porto, I have until 7 April. I like to have a single room with an en suite, I've done the Albergue but I'm getting too old now. I've booked my first and last nights but am wondering if I need to book any more instead of just turning up on the day, I...
  5. BoyRoger

    Trekking Pole Suggestions

    I love my Pacer Poles too but please if you are going to use any poles find out how to use them properly, 90% of the people I see walking the Camino don't.
  6. BoyRoger

    Collecting a list of cash-machine / ATM fees in Spain

    Try Revolut, I just load it up with my cash before I go, I may have been lucky but I never paid a fee, commision or ATM fees in three caminos. Not available in the US last time I checked, I'm in UK.
  7. BoyRoger

    Fitbit Charger

    I never thought of that, now I've download an app so it doesn't matter nearly so much. Funny how my mind goes blank when things go wrong.
  8. BoyRoger

    Fitbit Charger

    I'm on the Ingles at the moment , staying in Nada tonight but I've left my Fitbit One charger at home. I'm told you can only buy them online and it would take too long. So I know it's a long shot but I wondered if anyone also walking the Ingles now has one I could just use for a couple of...
  9. BoyRoger

    A slow, easy Camino

    I would check the distances between alburgues, from SJPP you would have to walk a lot further than 10km if you went over the Napolean route, not sure about the Valcarlos route but the second stretch there is pretty strenuous. Maybe start a bit further on where there are more places to say
  10. BoyRoger

    Bed Bugs at Home

    Thanks everybody, I guess we have to give it time to see it there are anymore bites, none today :-)
  11. BoyRoger

    Bed Bugs at Home

    I completed my Camino at the beginning of May this year , I didn't sufer any bed bug bites on my camino and took all the precautions when I arrived home but today my wife has a line of bites on her ankle. We have thoroughly examined our bed for bugs or signs of bugs but found nothing. What...
  12. BoyRoger

    Panik: Where to print my boarding card in Santiago?

    For future reference you can get your tickets/boarding pass printed at the Tourist Office in the same building that you get your Compostela. Ask someone to direct you , its down the long corridor behind you as you queue for your compostela. I had mine printed there this year in May.
  13. BoyRoger

    Lost Camera Muxia

    I ended my Camino in Muxia on 9 May this year but when I arrived back in Santiago by the bus I discovered I had lost my camera. I was glad I had sent all the pictures to Dropbox. I realise I should have done something about it then but the truth is I just didn't. Now knowing that the majority...
  14. BoyRoger

    Anyone doing the Camino in April 2016

    Me too! will look out for you.
  15. BoyRoger

    Anyone doing the Camino in April 2016

    Starting from SJPdP on March 30.
  16. BoyRoger

    Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

    No nothing about toenails or sock liners on the packaging. Thanks for the link to the waterproof sock reviews, I've ordered a pair of DexShell waterproof trekking socks now so hoping for better luck this time. I love your hubby's idea of using plastic bags to prevent blisters, it makes sense...
  17. BoyRoger

    Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

    Well I took them back to Blacks and they sent them away to be "examined" by the manufacturers. Today I received the socks back by post with a letter saying the damage was caused by "Friction/Abrasive damage" so I'm stuck with 'em. I only wore them a couple of times a week for two hours or so...
  18. BoyRoger

    Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

    Thanks everyone, interesting. I guess all I can do is to take one new pair and only wear them when I really need to , that is when its cold and wet. Thankfully I don't remember any places where the Camino takes you through long wet grass. I will email the company, maybe I'll get a...
  19. BoyRoger

    Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

    I bought one pair of Sealskinz waterproof walking socks for 30 GBP in October last year, I intend to walk the Frances again after Easter this year wearing breathable not waterproof trail running shoes so thought the waterproof socks a good idea. At first I wore them without a liner and they...
  20. BoyRoger

    Hydration bladder ?

    I would say if you have little pockets either side of your back pack which are just right for 1/2 ltr bottles of water, then bottles is the easiest way. If you can reach the bottles without taking the backpack off then fine, just pull one out and drink. If you can't reach the bottle easily...

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