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    Facilities in the bus from Santiago to Leon

    Folks, As I'm getting ready to depart in less that 24 hours, it occurred to me that I do not know much about the 5 hour trip from SDC to Leon. The basic question I have: 1) Are there any "facilities" in the buss so that one can answer the "call of nature"? 2) Are there any breaks in the 5...
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    On the Feast of St James, A pilgrims Prayer

    Folks, I friend just e-mailed me this prayer. Feast of St. James A Prayer for Pilgrims God, who brought your servant Abraham out of the land of the Chaldeans, protecting him in his wanderings, who guided the Hebrew people across the desert, we ask that you watch over us, your servants...
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    Consacrating your Camino

    In another thread someone asked how to consecrate their Camino to St Francis. Well...I don't know about St Francis but... I translated and adapted the novena from the Virgen del Camino sanctuary in Leon. I was going to distribute these in my parish as a way of having people accompany me with...
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    How is the weather between Leon and Santiago in early September?

    Folks, As I continue with my plans for this September, it occurs to me that the time I will be doing my Camino from Leon to SDC will be in that strange transition period of late summer/early fall. I would like to carry the least amount of clothes so it will greatly help me if I knew what to...
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    Requesting Information about Parroquial Alberges

    Folks, I have seen the list of alberges provided by the forum (Very helpful, thanks to whomever composed it). This list includes ALL types of alberges. What I'm looking is for a list of just the albergerges which are been run out of churches or religious orders. Any help would be...
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    What is the significance of abandoned walking boots?

    I have seen many photographs of pairs of boots without their owners been left in the Camino as some time of memorial. Could someone explain their significance? "Viva Cristo Rey!!" Camino Bound, Sept 2014! Deacon Harbey Santiago
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    If you had an extra day, what would you have done?

    Folks, As I continue to plan my trip in Sept from Leon to SDC I found that I can take a day off for resting. I'm asking this to those who had experienced this route, if you could have an extra day to rest and visit interesting sites, where between Leon and SDC would you take it? "Viva...
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    What is the best way of getting from SDC to Leon?

    Friends, It seems that my plans are crystallizing and that I will be starting at Leon with 16 days to finish the pilgrimage. Now the question is, with a plane arrival of 1:00PM at SDC what is the best way of getting to Leon? Should I try to get there that afternoon or should I spend the...
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    With 10 to 12 days for walking...

    ...if you were planning to do El Camino del Norte, where would you start? To which Spanish airport would you book your tickets? How would you get to your starting point? Planing to do about 200km of the Camino this September on a religious pilgrimage and have to decide between North or Frances...
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    Mass at SDC or Pontferrada?

    Hi there fellow "Peregrinos"! Happy Easter every one! I'm a Catholic permanent deacon. Me and another brother deacon will be taking the Camino at Pontferrada. We have decided to take a day off at the beginning of out pilgrimage to adjust to the time change. We would like to start our...

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