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  1. Dodger

    Is Camino Frances a Rat Race in April/May?

    I started my walk April 9th, finished mid May 2018, never book ahead. Never had any trouble finding a bed, sometimes stayed at the end of a stage sometimes not. I averaged 24kms a day and stopped walking by about 1400 each day.
  2. Dodger

    April/May 2020 CP to Muxia/Finesterre

    I too will be walking the Portuguese Camino, but I will start after you by a week I think, however I have no booked my flights as yet.> I intend to be on the road for my 60th birthday also. I missed out on Finesterre last year on my Camino Frances so will include that this time. I plan to mix it...
  3. Dodger

    Near Assisi - some advice please

    Hi Celia, I walk the Frances last year, as a sole hiker along with many other male and female hikers. IMO no need to pay tour company. You can walk the Camino from between 25 and 35 euros a day which is dependant on your style. I booked 2 nights in St Jean to rest from the flight from Oz, other...
  4. Dodger

    Porto to Santiago April 2019 observations

    Thanks, good insight, planning a 2020 Portugues in May 🙏
  5. Dodger

    Sleeping bag vs liner

    I walked April/May 2018, I took a light weight sleeping bag, rated at 10degrees, and only weighing in at 500grams, however I included a sea to summit cotton liner. I slept in the liner and used the sleeping bag to throw over me if the temperature dropped. which on occasion it was down to 2 or 3...
  6. Dodger

    rain pants for the CF in late april/may?

    I walk last year starting April 9 finishing in May, had about 4 days of bad rain, from day 2 until day 6. I walk the whole way in shorts.
  7. Dodger


    I always use them for continuous days walking. Used them last year on the Camino, walked over 1200km no blisters.
  8. Dodger

    Anyone walked the Frances in May?

    Hi, I walked April-May last year, had some rain early in April, and a little close to the end. Had no trouble finding a bed, no bed rush. About 100 walking a day, I finished mid May, enjoy
  9. Dodger

    Brierley Guide ????

    A guide to take or not, Brierley guide is easy to use, even if a little out on distance and elevation. As I checked with GPS. I walked with the book in Apr&May 2018, this guide does give you some history, and options for side tracks of interest. If you have already paid for it I would keep it...
  10. Dodger

    Travel from Santiago to Madrid

    I used the train in May it was 34 euros with one change, it was easy clean fast just over 4 hours, buffet car to drinks at good prices. When you reach Madrid your next train is free on the Madrid underground, you need to change your ticket
  11. Dodger

    Napoleon route

    I got in late last night after 3 planes a train and 2 buses so today walking St Jean, will decide tomorrow after checking the PO, if the likelihood is that I will not see much apart from driving rain, wind gales and hail like yesterday will take the valley route tomorrow
  12. Dodger

    Napoleon route

    When do you start?, the locals say the weather is warming and with the rain unless it turns very cold again the snow could only last another few weeks however the rain and low clouds will last sometime yet according to some of the locals. The PO has the weather forecast on display
  13. Dodger

    Napoleon route

    You can walk back towards SJPDP, about 1km and cut back down to the route through the valley
  14. Dodger

    Napoleon route

    I am in SJPDP, lot of rain over the last few days. PO not recommending the NP, I saw about 8 pilgrims head that way this morning. According to PO still snow on the higher ground, very very wet and muddy. The cloud base is very low, mixed in with mist, so not much of the views to be found if you...
  15. Dodger

    Train from Paris to Bayonne 30 April

    Thanks, not overly concerned, it all works out in the end, and it is out of my control
  16. Dodger

    Train from Paris to Bayonne 30 April

    I arrive on the 7 April and I pre booked months ago, intend getting the bus from CDG to Montparnasse , fingers crossed, hope it works out for you, Safe travels
  17. Dodger

    Camino april 2018

    I will be one day behind you, leaving Sydney on 6 Apr, intend leaving St Jean Monday 9, May catch up up, enjoy, stay safe
  18. Dodger

    LIVE from the Camino CF in Late March 2018 (live info)

    Just over a week to go, start from St Jean Monday 9April. The weather info is great, with luck will be able to access the Napoleon route, fingers crossed
  19. Dodger

    Camino april 2018

    Will also start that day
  20. Dodger

    Camino april 2018

    RJH, after reviewing my arrival time in St Jean on 7th April will amend my start date to 9th April, May see you on the Camino- Stay Safe

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