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  1. Rhysmike

    Current need to book ahead

    I support your sentiment but saw many pilgrims become taxi passengers around May 1st. Not about being a tourist ... more people than beds unfortunately.
  2. Rhysmike

    Current need to book ahead

    We started from Saint Jean on 28th April. Crazy busy with May Day holidays. 500 a day starting and big albergues in Zubiri and Larasoana closed. Yesterday in Triacastela one of the albergues was near empty. So it’s hard to predict. I booked ahead from Australia before we left and glad we did.
  3. Rhysmike

    61% increase in pilgrim numbers during Holy Week

    Do you anticipate a May Day bubble given that Easter was so late?
  4. Rhysmike

    Barcelona to SPJDP

    9.30 train from Barcelona to Pamplona. Arrive 1.30. Taxi to bus terminal. 2.30 bus to SJ, arrive at about 4.15. Let your albergue, if booked ahead, that you’re arriving on that bus.
  5. Rhysmike

    Extra day off

    Villafranca del Bierzo. Book ahead to Hotel Posada.
  6. Rhysmike


    I'm in my 60's walking my 4th Camino this year. I weigh about 80 kg at the start and with water and food my pack probably weighs about 12 kg, that's 15% of my body weight. It hasn't been a problem. My wife and I train in suburban Australia, usually doing 3 to 4 walks of about 8 km a week...
  7. Rhysmike

    L'Auberge du pèlerin at SJPP

    It turned out well ... we got to stay across at Beilari. The Camino delivered.
  8. Rhysmike

    L'Auberge du pèlerin at SJPP

    Yes, good point. The most annoying aspect was being told that it was my fault as there was a message on their web page about a closure. I missed that, but they still accepted the money and provided written confirmation from me and others.
  9. Rhysmike

    L'Auberge du pèlerin at SJPP

    I booked on line in 2018, paid full amount, received a confirmation only to find out they were ‘closed for renovations’. I couldn’t get a refund.
  10. Rhysmike

    Plan to depart from Saint Jean on 28th April 2019.

    Plan to depart from Saint Jean on 28th April 2019.
  11. Rhysmike

    Can you stay in the SJPP Albergue the night before you start?

    The last week of April and the first week of May are very busy leaving SJPP. May Day long weekend can get crazy.
  12. Rhysmike

    Certificate for walking half Camino in Sahagun

    My thinking is that if this became popular the museum would struggle to cope with many pilgrims. It works ok if there aren’t many and you have time to look at the museum while the attendant processes the certificate.
  13. Rhysmike

    2019 bus Pamplona to Saint Jean

    Thank you for this.
  14. Rhysmike

    2019 bus Pamplona to Saint Jean

    Thanks fot that
  15. Rhysmike

    2019 bus Pamplona to Saint Jean

    Does the Conda bus from Pamplona to SJ still run? I caught it May 2018 and was hoping to catch it again at the end of April this year. I can’t locate it on any timetable.
  16. Rhysmike

    2019 Brierley Guide Grumble

    The 2014 map version was bigger and went to Muxia and Finisterre. The 2017 version (same as 2019?) ended in Santiago. Also, when I walked in May and June this year there were many newer albergues missing.
  17. Rhysmike

    2019 Brierley Guide Grumble

    I use the maps only cut down version. Ideal for ‘how long to the next stop’
  18. Rhysmike

    Weather & Advice for St Jean Pied de Port to Logrono last week of April to May 3

    Watch out for May Day long weekend. It gets quite busy.
  19. Rhysmike

    Descent to Cee

    ... sorry, around 6 minutes in