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  1. Mel Camino

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    The VdlP was my first Camino, walked and relished in the spring of 2018. I loved it fiercely, though I have no comparison. I’m almost afraid to walk a second Camino because I imagine it would only be a disappointment. Only time will tell if I take that risk. I loved the VdlP for all the reasons...
  2. Mel Camino

    Annie live from the VDLP

    Annie, your story and description of your walk sounded familiar to me, so I checked my notes of my walk to Villafranca on April 25, 2018: "A funny thing about today’s walk was it felt like the universe was playing tricks: I looked at the map and it said I was only 45 minutes from Villafranca...
  3. Mel Camino

    Favorite Via de la Plata YouTube Video?

    What month did you do this, CharlieWart?
  4. Mel Camino

    El Perro -

    Maybe, like many of us, she doesn’t want it to end!
  5. Mel Camino

    Albergue at Santa Marta de Tera

    Not sure if it's the same one, but I was recovering from an infection when I left Tábara, so I couldn't manage 34k and stopped in a lovely albergue in Villanueva de las Peras, just 14K from Tábara. The next day, I took an alternate route to Rionegro that was 30km (shaved 7 km off). I wish I...
  6. Mel Camino

    Walking the Via de la Plata in May 2019

    Ah, yes. Could be.
  7. Mel Camino

    Walking the Via de la Plata in May 2019

    Hi Annie! Just in case Peregrina2000's # doesn't work, I also found +34 923416573. Best of luck and buen camino!
  8. Mel Camino

    Back on the silver road again

    Thank you for posting about Me Gusta Comer. It's one of my favorite memories of the VdlP, and I agree it's a wasted life opportunity to miss it! Buen provecho, buen camino!
  9. Mel Camino

    Do I need rain gear in April and May on the Via de la Plata. What kind of sleeping gear I need?

    I walked VdLP April/May 2018. The sun gods were smiling down on me, as I experienced very little rain, and managed to get by without a proper rain coat easily. However, I bought one at the Decathlon outside Zamora, and was glad I did. I only needed it for rain a couple of times, but it was cold...
  10. Mel Camino

    Top 10 Albergues on VdlP and Sanabres

    Me Gusta Comer was the best meal of my Camino. I couldn't recommend it more!
  11. Mel Camino

    Walking the Via de la Plata in May 2019

    Yes, yes to the Albergue Parroquial in Monesterio. Very clean, beautiful tiling and I seem to remember a separate bathroom for women. The albergue in Puebla de Sanabria (Hostel Casa Luz) also had a gorgeous bathroom just for women (sorry guys, this mattered to me at the time!). I also loved the...
  12. Mel Camino

    Accommodation costs Seville surprise to me

    I echo those recommending Airbnb. That's what I did in Seville, and I just checked, and the place I stayed is E30 on April 5 (not avail April 6 though). I hardly saw the host (it was during their festival), but he was helpful and it was centrally located, and I didn't have to deal with snorers...
  13. Mel Camino

    How crowded is the route - and how much is on trafficked roads?

    I can respond based on my experience during the high season (wildflowers!), starting in mid April 2018. There were days when it felt like a race for beds, and many people made reservations where possible. I'm a fast walker, and only had an issue when I walked to a private albergue that accepted...
  14. Mel Camino

    VDLP guide

    For what it's worth, Gerald Kelly was walking the VdlP this past spring, in order to update his guide.
  15. Mel Camino

    March or April - Seville to Mérida

    Just chiming in with another vote for an April start. I did the whole VdlP this spring, starting in mid-April, and know that the rains wreaked havoc for many who started in March. This year may have been worse than usual for the rains, but it typically is wetter in March regardless. Buen camino!
  16. Mel Camino

    Recent Camino pilgrim deaths- August 2018

    Very true, Bradypus. I remember walking the full 31.5 km in April/May, and it was tough - even without the extreme heat. I had lunch on a hill in full sun because there was virtually no shelter to be found. There were also parts that weren't well marked, making it easy to get lost. Sometimes the...
  17. Mel Camino

    Five Questions about the Via de la Plata

    I really don't think you'll have a problem. And if worse comes to worst, you can take a bus or taxi ahead to drop your bag, take the bus/taxi back to the starting point and then walk. What takes 4-5 hours to walk often takes only 15-20 minutes by bus (a painful truth, but a truth nonetheless)...
  18. Mel Camino

    Blisters caused by toe socks??

    I'm another vote against Injinji toe socks. Maybe my pinky toes are small, but the fabric bunched under them and caused a long, thin blister that made a "seam" in my skin. They didn't hurt much but were a nuisance. They're great for many, but not for all.
  19. Mel Camino

    Five Questions about the Via de la Plata

    This is good advice. I walked from Seville to Santiago in the spring and know someone who taxied her pack almost every day. There were some days she carried her pack, but I think it was personal choice and not because she had to (though I didn't ask). A couple other notes: I took the train...
  20. Mel Camino

    Castilblanco to Almaden (that stage from hell again)

    Your updates are greatly appreciated, Gerald. Thank you!