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  1. Tuesday Wildchild

    COVID The last pilgrim on the Camino

    I'm still walking/cycling my section daily to exercise my dogs. To be honest before lockdown it was rare I past anyone and now it's still rare even with more locals at home and jogging/walking.
  2. Tuesday Wildchild

    gronze.com, how to change to English?

    With an Android device Google can auto translate or a simple copy and a translation bubble will pop up.
  3. Tuesday Wildchild

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    This is the second time this week buff has shown its face, the first was about sleeping and wether you sleep in the buff. For those not knowing that's naked. As a name for headgear well that's new to me.
  4. Tuesday Wildchild

    Secondary route via Angoulême

    It's always fun when a country has two or more places with the same name. Didn't realize you'd started the journey.
  5. Tuesday Wildchild

    Secondary route via Angoulême

    I was thinking La Poste, Gencay, Aulnay then St Jean d'Angely. The GR65 route goes through st-Savin then joins the GR-655 the Tours route.
  6. Tuesday Wildchild

    Secondary route via Angoulême

    How about cutting across to St Jean d'Angely (two day cycle). Here you can pick up the Tours route.
  7. Tuesday Wildchild

    Litter, Toilet Paper, Poop, Not Just a Camino Problem.

    I live 5mintues from the Tours route and have found what a young lady left behind a haystack, seen an older lady squatting in the woods and plenty of other evidence but this is France where men have the right to pee in public (yes even in the streets) . On the Camino toilets are often far from...
  8. Tuesday Wildchild

    Tick Warning!

    No worries I find them on me often as I walk my dogs in the woods and along our section of the Tours Camino. In five years I've only had two attached.
  9. Tuesday Wildchild

    Tick Warning!

    I had three ticks on me yesterday, all spotted before they took a bite and all killed.
  10. Tuesday Wildchild

    Monastery stays on paris tours route

    Here at Saint Jean d'Angely, Charente Maritime the Abby no longer takes pilgrims.
  11. Tuesday Wildchild

    Walking with human

    My apologies for my bad language.
  12. Tuesday Wildchild

    Voie de Tours

    Yes we are still wanting to offer accommodation and now it's closer as we have now purchased more property to enable this. I see it being late this year or early next before its ready as I gave another renovation first. I will of course post details when it's available.
  13. Tuesday Wildchild

    Walking with human

    Hi Milo All I'll say is it might be best to have him neutered to prevent any territorial issues, you'll also find him my obedient as well. Happy walkies
  14. Tuesday Wildchild

    Men's Underwear & Anatomy

    I thought I'd google the armour mani-panes to see and we'll if I was a sensitive easily shocked person I'd be writing to Mary Whitehouse. It was utter filth.
  15. Tuesday Wildchild

    How to deal with the dogs on the way of Camino

    If approached by a dog stand still fold your arms no eye contact Turn your back DON'T wave walking sticks or legs or arm about trying to send it away, this can look aggressive and threatening which nay result in an attack. Don't run you wont be faster If you wish to greet a dog allow it to...
  16. Tuesday Wildchild

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    There's nothing more the french like than someone willing to try and speak their language, you find they will accept you more and possibly try speaking English to help you.
  17. Tuesday Wildchild

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    When entering an establishment treat it as their home by saying Bonjour often to other customers as well.
  18. Tuesday Wildchild

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    Don't hug the french it's a no no.
  19. Tuesday Wildchild

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    https://www.duolingo.com is an excellent free site to learn a language.
  20. Tuesday Wildchild

    Dogs on the Invierno

    If you are approached by a dog never give eye contact, turn your back , fold/cross your arms. NEVER wave arms or legs or walking sticks as this will be seen as a game or aggression.