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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

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    LIVE from the Camino Santiago arrival

    We actually arrived in Santiago last Wednesday- oh what a feeling. The description of meeting up again in Santiago with other pilgrimages you have seen along the way is indescribable. We had a wonderful pilgrimage and "Gracias a Dios" avoided most of the pilgrim related problems...
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    LIVE from the Camino from Burgo Ranero

    Can´t believe we´ve been nearly 3 weeks on the Camino and are a day and a half from Leon! Things are going well thanks to preparation and suggestions from this forum. So far no albergue has turned us away, but this is also only the first day of July. The meseta has been quite warm and we have...
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    LIVE from the Camino from Navarette

    We´ve made it to Navarette and have left the rain. Now it´s the heat that we´re dealing with!!! Sorry to say we´ve become some of those peregrinos that get up early to beat the heat- not the bed rush!!!Albergues still are not full. We stayed in the albergue parroquial in Viana last night and...
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    LIVE from the Camino from Puente de la Reina

    We´re having a great Camino so far. Weather has been wet, so bring that atmospheric poncho that Sil posted about and a hiking stick for all the mud. Albergues are not full, so relax. People were able to get a reservation at Orisson last Wednesday from SJPP. We went to Orisson from Bayonne...
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    clothes pins/clothes line

    I've noticed some people suggest taking a bit of string and clothes pins. It seems like wasted weight to me, but perhaps there's a need. With a week left before I leave, I'm looking at each gram now. Any thoughts?
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    Is there a need to obtain Euros before getting to Bordeaux? I hate to think of traveling with US dollars to get me out of the States, a few pounds to get through 6 hours at Gatwick and then Euros that I'll finally need from Bordeaux on. Since I don't have a place to obtain Euros locally, I...
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    graphics of changes in elevation

    Sometime back, someone mentioned printing out "graphics" of the elevation changes to take along with them. The site was and I managed to print out only the first page. With my great command of the French language, I can't even find the graphic chart on the site...
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    pillow/bathing suit

    I noticed a couple of people had mentioned places to swim along the way- Fromista and somewhere else. I hadn't given any thought to taking a bathing suit and have not seen it mentioned on any of the packing lists. Any thoughts on this? Also saw somewhere the mention of pillows at some...
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    sock allergy???

    I have overcome a number of obsticals for my upcoming Camino in June, but have encountered a crazy one now and hope someone can help!!! I'd been walking 12 miles at a stretch with no problems, but when I increased to 18 miles I now have a horrible beet red splotchy rash on my lower legs and...
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    time between flights- Gatwick to Stansted

    Hello- I think I may have been a bit overexcited and overoptimistic when I booked our flight to Biarritz. It looked like Ryanair only had one flight a day- at 1215 so I booked myself and my daughter on it. However, our place isn't scheduled into Gatwick until 0745- 4 1/2 hours seemed like a...
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    digital cameras

    Hello- I've been reading this forum for almost a year- had planned on doing the Camino in May of this year, along with my daughter- as a college graduation present. However, my first grandchild (by a different daughter!!!) entered the world and our plans are to do the Camino next June...