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  1. Urban Trekker

    Current albergue and pilgrim's meal costs

    I'm thinking of repeating the French route next April/May next year. The last time I walked the French way was 2016. Would like to know the current cost of a albergue and pilgrim's meal.
  2. Urban Trekker

    Cycling the Le Puy

    French way by Urban Trekker posted May 1, 2016 at 10:42 AMMy camino companion and I are thinking about doing the Le Puy in 2019 when we hit 70. To date we have walked in order, the English, the Portuguese, the French ways, and the Way of Saint Francis in Italy. At this time we are looking at...
  3. Urban Trekker


    I don't think my boots are going to get me to Santiago. The French way is a boot killer. I'm currently in Rabanal del Camino. Anyone know where one can get good boots down the way. Buen Camino Happy Trails
  4. Urban Trekker

    1st group over the Napoleon route 2016

    First group over the Napoleon route 2016
  5. Urban Trekker

    Upload Problem

    I'm trying to upload or download or post my camino pictures. with a few exceptions I keep getting a ERROR message stating the upload file is to big. WHAT??? When it comes to computers I'm not user friendly. I'm more like a functional illiterate. Can anybody explain or help.
  6. Urban Trekker

    Automobiles, Planes, Trains, and Reservations Oh My

    My pack has been packed, checked, and repacked.;) Checked and rechecked and repacked again.o_O Friend Craig and I have transportation to LAX on the 11th, plane tickets to Madrid, landing on the morning of the 12th, afternoon train tickets to Pamplona on the 12th , Room reservations at...
  7. Urban Trekker

    Refgue Orisson

    I have bee trying for several weeks to contact Refuge Orisson via internet but to no avail. The address I have is I have tried GOOGLE, BING , and this forum but I keep getting a "can't connect, check your connection" message. Any suggestions. Buen Camino
  8. Urban Trekker

    Pension Corazon

    I'm trying to make a reservation at Pension Corazon in Pamplona. Email and phone calls will not go through. Does anyone know if they are still in business.
  9. Urban Trekker

    Pension Corazon Puro

    I'm trying to book a room at Pension Corazon for 12 April, however, all my email goes nowhere stating no such address . Any suggestions/ideas. Buen Camino
  10. Urban Trekker

    Renfe Tickets

    Help! I have been trying to book train tickets from Madrid to Pamplona for the morning of 12 April. Yesterday the site was showing results through 10 April . Today there's no schedule for April at all. Is Renfe going out of business at the end of March? Does anyone have a suggestion on...
  11. Urban Trekker

    Cold/Wet Weather Packing List

    Does anyone have a packing list/recommendation for a mid April thru May French Camino. I'm worried about over packing/thinking for my next camino. Buen Camino
  12. Urban Trekker


    I'm taking 45 days, start to finish, to walk the French Way starting in mid April. I'm 66, in good health but require medications several times a day. 45 days of medication is bulky to say the least. My question is, does anyone have a suggestion on how and where I can forward and pick up my...
  13. Urban Trekker

    Pamplona Albergue

    Some time ago I came across a post about a Albergue or hostel in Pamplona that would pick you up at the train or bus station..Your stay also included dinner, breakafast, a camino lunch, and transport to SJPD. I've got my dates and plane ticket but cant find the post or web site. Suggestions...
  14. Urban Trekker


    Help. I'm trying to map out the route from Barajas airport to Madrid Puerta de Atocha train station. According to GOOGLE Maps I take the pink line, line 8, to Nuevos Ministerios then take the green line to the train station except there is no green line from the Ministerios station and the...
  15. Urban Trekker

    French Way 2016

    Yes. Friend Craig and I now have our plane tickets in hand. Arrive in Madrid on April 12th at 0800 giving us plenty of time to get a train or bus to Pamplona and spend the night. Cab to SJPD on the 13th, spend 1 or 2 nights then start our Camino on the 14th or 15th taking 2 days to get to...
  16. Urban Trekker

    Pace Makers on the CAmino

    I'm the proud new owner of a pace maker. Any forum members that have walked the Caminos with one. Problems or advise?
  17. Urban Trekker


    Can anyone tell me the max altitude of the alternate route out of St Jean To Roncesvalles.