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  1. Seamus68

    Does think mean the Camino diet reduces heart disease?

    good to hear had heart attack in spain August 2019.. surgury in Santiago de Compostela.. cant wait to get back and thanks them also .. walking will make me stronger
  2. Seamus68

    Camino da Costa start 23rd August from Porto

    Hi is anyone starting the same date as me? any recommendations ? Quite excited.. kr Seamus
  3. Seamus68

    Camino da Costa start Porto Aug 23rd walk

    Just booked trip .. Porto to Santiago Arrive late 21st Aug.. will stay nite and tour next day then walk on 23 Aug ..
  4. Seamus68

    Four more days until SdC - and no motivation anymore to continue ...

    You have mental tiredness not physical... I had the same thing ... but continued .. so glad I did....
  5. Seamus68

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    Have at least 1.5 ltrs of water some bananas and or glucose sweets... also I recommend you reserve in roncesvalle yes it’s tough but a great sense of achievement .. also leave early... keep rucksack weight down kr
  6. Seamus68

    Municipal Albergue or Pension? (on first night)

    as you have plenty of time i stayed in albergue in Irun... next morning walked with some people.. enjoy the del Norte is the best Camino
  7. Seamus68

    Why you should not walk the Camino del Norte (or at least not until you have read this post!)

    still the del norte is beautiful.. probably more so than the Frances... will do the Portuguese maybe next year
  8. Seamus68


    Unfortunately yes i believe now you need to book at least 2 days in advance. Walked in Mid April got to Roncesvalle all booked out. So lucky shared £90 room with Japanese chap as we were both exhausted. The Camino has changed since 2017, booking is now essential, especially if there is a Holy...
  9. Seamus68

    Non-religious staying at Auberges

    According to the Official Pilgrim website as long as you travel with Christian sentiment then this is ok. You don’t have to be a Christian Just the practice of been a good human being... So you can choose any Albergue you want , who are we to judge what Christian Sentiment is. But on a note say...
  10. Seamus68

    Just bought my plane ticket and a new Camino.

    theres an Albergue in Pobena ..if you stay there go into the left hand side room..the right hand side room..wall covered in damp.. recommend stopping at Luarca..there is an Albergue on way in to town.. better off staying in Albergue in town centre..
  11. Seamus68

    thx Very much kr Jim

    thx Very much kr Jim
  12. Seamus68

    Hi would it be possible to create a new camino folder called the Kumano Kodo..its the Japanese...

    Hi would it be possible to create a new camino folder called the Kumano Kodo..its the Japanese Pilgrimage? thx James
  13. Seamus68

    Just bought my plane ticket and a new Camino.

    The Norte is very beautiful especially first few days. But tough after a week it gets easier, Guggenheim museum is a must.
  14. Seamus68

    2019 TAXI SHARE Thread Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPP

    If I can get fellow pilgrims then yes, between 4 people 20 Euro each...
  15. Seamus68

    Too many poor pilgrims?

    Interesting Article , what would happen if all the Pilgrims decided, ok we are no longer wanted here. I bet there would be a lot of unhappy not only local people but business men. I could name loads of villages eg Hornillos , Acebo , that survive because of pilgrims. Local people setting up...
  16. Seamus68

    Camino del Norte badge

    Thx good idea kr jim