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  1. ivar

    Get QR code to enter Spain

    Hopefully this will be cleared up once the EU formally starts to accept travellers from outside the EU some time in June.
  2. ivar

    Ouigo with high speed trains in Spain

    We talked about this before here This is now up and running. Madrid Barcelona from 9 euros. More routes to come
  3. ivar

    Get QR code to enter Spain

    Dear all, I got this message from a US citizen that entered Spain last week. He was not entering on a tourist visa, he was entering on a residency visa, so it was ok for him to enter now. His experience was as follow (I copy/past his message with his approval): You MUST have a paper...
  4. ivar

    Airport Bus Service Cancelled

    They did... but MonBus will take over this route as well. As far as I read Freire will no longer do these routes nd only do bus service for school children. The Santiago to Lugo route was theirs for 75 years until today.
  5. ivar

    Airport Bus Service Cancelled

    I don't know, but my guess is that the new bus station will be the place where it leaves from. This is next to the train station.
  6. ivar

    Airport Bus Service Cancelled

    This route will continue with Monbus. It might not operate for the next few days since this change seem to have happened very fast and they had no plan b ready... My guess that over the next few days/weeks, we will know the new hours that Monbus will operate the Santiago airport to Lugo route...
  7. ivar

    New Low-Cost High-speed train company in Spain

    I don’t think so. One is French the other spanish... I think it is more the fact that they have not yet starting selling tickets.
  8. ivar

    New Low-Cost High-speed train company in Spain

    I had forgotten about that.. no, that is RENFEs low cost version of the same service... They were supposed to start now, but got delayed due to COVID.
  9. ivar

    New Low-Cost High-speed train company in Spain

    I am no expert on this, but I think the plan is that RENFE is also going to offer routes in other countries... they just open things up, so these publicly owned companies can compete all over the EU. They still need to have some sort of profitability since no state is willing to spend public...
  10. ivar

    New Low-Cost High-speed train company in Spain

    RENFEs monopoly on train travels in Spain is over, and in march the French national train company is starting low-cost high speed train train travels. First from Madrid - Barcelona, then more routes later. Tickets start at €9,-/trip. More here: Happy planning! Ivar
  11. ivar

    ✈️ Direct flights from Paris (Orly) to Santiago starting April 15th

    In short: Airline: Frequency: Thursdays and Sundays More here:
  12. ivar

    Iberia Cancellations and Refunds

    I think they are bussing people up to Coruña (1 hour by bus) to maybe fill up one plane .. no need to fly two empty planes to Madrid when you can fly one empty plane.. I have also heard that they are very close to close Santiago airport since they have only one or two planes a day now (as of...
  13. ivar

    €5 tickets for Spain’s new low-cost rail service to go on sale on Monday

    More here: (posted 24th of January 2020)
  14. ivar

    Low cost high speed trains

    More here:
  15. ivar

    New direct flight: Santiago - Lisbon starting a June 2020

    More here;
  16. ivar

    Chicago to Barcelona with Norwegian Starting in July.
  17. ivar

    Getting Back to Paris used to have a direct flight from Santiago. Not sure if they still do, but might be worth looking into
  18. ivar

    Madrid to Seville

    The high speed train is great. for more. Bien camino! Ivar
  19. ivar

    storing luggage at Santiago

    The post office themselves also offer storage (send it from the post office in Sarria, to the post office in Santiago)... I say this because their opening hours for pickup are a bit better than mine. (Except they are closed Sundays, I am open half an hour in the afternoon).
  20. ivar

    Traveling from Oslo/Norway - starting in Sarria - how to get there?

    I would say Norwegian or Vueling to Barcelona, then to Santiago... and bus from there to Sarria. Or via Madrid as described above. God tur!