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  1. Lance Chambers

    Does the Pilgrim office in St Jean still have transport to the Cross?

    Does the Pilgrim office in St Jean still have transport to the Cross?
  2. Lance Chambers

    Images from Brierley Camino Frances Handbook.

    A few years ago there was a resource here that showed the towns of the route, image of the height profile, bridges, the facilities in each town, etc. I can't seem to find the resource any more. Is there anyone who knows where I can get a copy of those pages/images? I was dumb enough to leave...
  3. Lance Chambers

    Are pre-purchased onward flights out of Spain - are they mandatory?

    I have an Australian passport and a British one and in the past I would arrive in Spain using by British passport. However, with Brexit in the wings I believe by British passport will be of little or no use in getting into Spain. So I will have to depend upon my Aussie one. Given I have no...
  4. Lance Chambers


    I saw a suggestion on YouTube and thought that some of you might want to try. This approach is a lot lighter than carrying a bottle of shower gel, more convenient and less messy than a soap holder with a bar of soap, and it works - tried it out this morning and a single sheet was more than...
  5. Lance Chambers

    LIVE from the Camino Nun on a bike...

    Short video of a Polish nun cycling the Camino: Here's the source article:
  6. Lance Chambers

    Must you have a Camino Passport to stay in an Alburgue?

    I've done the Frances three times and have three compostelas and not interested in having another one so am hoping I don't have to bother getting stamps and showing a compostela to get a bed. Is it okay to forget about getting a Camino Passport and can I still get to stay in any/all of the...
  7. Lance Chambers

    "Once more unto the breach dear friends"

    Starting in Burgos 15th July and can't wait to get back to the solitude, making friends, and have another incredible experience like before. Buen Camino all.
  8. Lance Chambers

    How do I make a donation?

    Today I decided to make a donation for the wonderful services Ivar offers us all on this website. But I couldn't find how to do it without upgrading my account? Is that how it's done?
  9. Lance Chambers

    Where can I get a Credenza if I start at Castrojeriz?

    Long story but I had to shortchange myself a bit the last time I walked the Frances. So I want to go back and do the bits I had to miss and this means starting in Castrojeriz. Anyone know where I can get a credenza in Castojeriz or before? I live in Western Australia and there aren't that many...
  10. Lance Chambers

    St Jean - Burgos Burgos - Leon Leon - Santiago. Which Is Best Section?

    Just wondering which section of the three listed in the title of the post did you find the most enjoyable and why? Mine was Leon - Santiago and the reason was that I preferred the landscapes, amenities, food, and companions I made on the last leg to Santiago.
  11. Lance Chambers

    Pilgrim office in Santiago has moved

    Pilgrim office in Santiago has moved to: Ruas Das Carretas 33 on the corner of Rua de Domingo Garcia-Sabell.
  12. Lance Chambers

    Detailed planning for daily distances

    I found this page: which I have found very useful for planning daily walk distances. It may help others and this app to check on lodgings and other facilities at each town/village along the way...
  13. Lance Chambers

    'The Spanish Route' - A New Route from Sarria?

    Checking the forum I have noticed that a number of people comment on the dramatic jump in numbers starting at Sarria. Almost every year the number of pilgrims/hikers that start in Sarria dominate those from any other location on the Camino Frances and this, I believe, causes the problems which...
  14. Lance Chambers

    Great apps for the Camino

    I came across this android app for the Camino Frances that I love. It allows you to set up a number of different stagings, shows every city, town, and hostel on the route. It shows prices and facilities in every town, city, and hostel. Shows maps of every town and city with locations of the...
  15. Lance Chambers

    England to Sarria to Santiago de Compostela and back to England

    I flew out of Stansted with Ryan Air for Santiago de Compostela - 34 English pounds (about 45 Euros). The easiest way to get to Sarria, I thought, was by train (very cheap about 15 Euro I think). There is a bus, from the airport to the bus station that then goes onto the train station. So very...